Keeping Healthy as a Busy Mum of Two

In collaboration with Sundose

Being fit and healthy has always been one of my number one priorities and so living a healthy lifestyle is extremely important to me. However juggling work and numerous other projects along with being a mum of two means – and I’m pretty sure many of you will agree with me here – it’s not always easy to focus on eating balanced meals and working out regularly. Of course I try but life gets in the way sometimes and 24 hrs don’t seem to stretch far enough… read more

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The Path To Well-being: Where To Start, And What’s Next

Another year has come, and another year has gone. It is now 2018, and considering how quickly the years have been passing recently, there is no guarantee that 2020 won’t just creep up on all of us without us even noticing. It is soon the turn of a new decade, and we certainly aren’t getting any younger any time soon, meaning we have to actually start looking after ourselves one of these days. The chances of you hearing that before are pretty high, and everyone is planning on taking better care of their mental and physical state, but the truth is, everyone is planning on doing it “someday”. If you’ve been on this planet for more than a few weeks, you already know that “sometimes” or “tomorrow” never comes, and it just gets added on to the to-do list, much like most other things. read more

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