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How to Beautifully Frame Your Face in 4 Simple Steps

We have already tackled how to transition our summer wardrobe into autumn, so now it’s time to have a think about everything else and today I would like to focus on our face. The changing seasons are always a good excuse to change revamp hair style and colour as well as eyewear and accessories. Just like the clothes, these will help with updating your style for the new season. The key is to always find the best way to complement your face and of course the only way you can do that is by identifying your face shape and what might work with it as well as your style. Keep reading for some ideas and tips on how to do just that. read more

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5 Popular A/W18 Runway Trends you will see on the High Street

Sometimes, when you look at the runway shows, it’s hard to imagine just how some of these trends will translate into the real world. There are certainly some looks that would be a little weird to rock while doing your weekly food shop! However, here are five of the most popular runway trends that you will see on the high street this season and how to make them wearable in your daily life. read more

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How to use Water to Enhance your Home Decor

For a lot of people, the idea of using water as a tool to make their home look better will seem very abstract. This sort of element is something you’ll usually want to keep out, rather than letting it in, and this is something which makes a lot of sense. When it’s under control, though, the wet stuff can be a very powerful tool. Giving you the ability to influence the moods of people in your rooms, while also making it easier to get life’s jobs done, there are loads of ways to start incorporating this into your home design. To give you a head start, this post will be exploring some of the best ways to achieve this goal for yourself. read more

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