Fashion Fix Friday: A fresh look at Cowboy boots and how to wear them

I feel like I’m a little late to the cowboy boot party since they have been a thing since the Summer. However, I think this great 90’s western trend is here to stay taking into account they were all over the spring 2019 street style photos circulating during fashion month so I might be late but I’m certainly on it!

Recently I have become obsessed with the style and want to pair them with quite literally everything. I have one particular pair of boots to blame for it and they are the glorious Ganni pink and black marlyn 45 . From the minute I laid eyes on them I knew I was in love!

The thing about cowboy boots is that wearing them can feel a little bit like wearing a costume but I think the key is to make them work with your wardrobe and using them as an easy way to update some of your most basic outfits and add a super cool trendy twist to very feminine outfits.

Keep scrolling for some style inspiration from the streets and to shop my cowboy boot edit.

How to wear cowboy boots - blazer and mini skirt

How to wear cowboy boots - maxi white dress

How to wear cowboy boots - dress and trench coat

How to wear cowboy boots - jumper and skirt combo

How to wear cowboy boots - white boots

How to wear cowboy boots - feminine dress

How to wear cowboy boots - with culottes

How to wear cowboy boots - floral dress and denim

How to wear cowboy boots - floral dress and denim

How to wear cowboy boots - feminine dress and bomber jacket

How to wear cowboy boots - all black

How to wear cowboy boots - with leopard print

How to wear cowboy boots - with leopard print

How to wear cowboy boots - with satin midi skirt

How to wear cowboy boots

How to wear cowboy boots

How to wear cowboy boots - black and white ganni

How to wear cowboy boots - All white and dreamy

How to wear cowboy boots - dress over jeans, monochrome


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How to Shop Black Friday/Cyber week Sales + Sales Guide

The BF day has arrived and of course I couldn’t ignore it! This is the ideal time to buy Christmas presents, a new outfit for New Year’s Eve or just something that you’ve had your eye on for ages.

With so many great deals available it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by it all but, fear not, I’m here to help and share with you my favourite Black Friday fashion deals as well as a little insight on how I shop Black Friday to avoid overspending and impulse purchases that will never see the light of day.

Here’s my advice and sales guide…

Make a list of what you want to buy

This will ensure you will look out for things you need and/or really want instead of just getting things that you don’t use very often or are not your style just because you thought the marked down price was great.

Shop Around for Best Deals

Check various retailers for a particular item you have in mind so you can truly find the best deal. Every retailer offers different discount rates so it’s definitely worth shopping around.

Stick to Your List

This is the golden rule. Don’t get lost in the excitement of bagging some bargains and end up spending money on things that you will never wear or that you won’t wear that much. They might be cheap but if you don’t use them they are ultimately a waist of money.

This is a great time to snap up some good buys and take advantage of all the deals on offer. Click the retailer and or items to shop. Let the shopping marathon begin…

Sales Guide

Fashion & Accessories

20% off everything with code HELLO20
T&C: 22nd – 26th November

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Your Perfect Party Clutch Bag Essentials

What’s your handbag mantra? While a lot of women seem to go for ‘the bigger the better’ when it comes to schlepping round with an oversized tote you could fit enough supplies for a week in, the undoubtedly chic route is that of a sleek clutch bag.

While the very idea of paring down your possessions to the bare minimum makes some yelp in horror, when was the last time you actually used the old magazines, five lip glosses, two bottles of water and ‘emergency’ flats? Are they giving you back ache? Could they, in fact, be weighing you down in more ways than one?

Whisper it: small bags are a symbol of power. In these days of unbounded choice, they show that you can be selective. They show a sort of restraint that indicates confidence – Coco Chanel didn’t say “elegance is refusal” for nothing. A neat clutch bag is a wardrobe essential and indicates that you have your life together in a way that a messy, overflowing, supersized bucket bag never will. It has been said that our handbags reflect the inside of our minds – and who wants a jumble of disorganised clutter in their head? Equally, a smaller bag is somewhat of a status symbol – it hints that you are well off enough to have other people take care of the mess.

clutch bag mock croc

So, travelling light is definitely proper, especially with the amount of evening events ramping up as we head into the festive season. But you still want to have the essentials covered to make sure you have a great night. What do you pack to create the ultimate clutch bag and make sure you have everything you need while not being weighed down? This guide will help you streamline, pack your clutch beautifully and be able to grab and go:

Small Tin of Mints

On sociable evenings out – intimate dinners, cocktails at the bar or crowded nightclubs, the one thing you can guarantee is that people will be getting up close and personal. Whether it’s simply your girlfriends or even a hot date, people leaning in close to talk to you means that it’s bad manners for them to be able to smell what you last ate! Chewing gum can be a little inelegant, so a small tin of mints or breath freshening strips is your best bet. Fresh breath is common courtesy, so don’t leave home without them!

Folding Hairbrush

Having been outside to get to your destination, the elements will probably have played havoc with your freshly styled hair, so having a small hairbrush means you can fix yourself up nicely when you arrive. You need to go compact, so either opt for a slim comb or perhaps a dressing brush, which is great for smoothing and backcombing at the roots but doesn’t take up a lot of room. Or you could opt for something like the Denman Folding Hairbrush that pops out and also has a handy mirror for you to check your makeup.

clutch bag green and gold


You may be the type of person who uses cards for everything, but if you’re heading out for the night, taking cash is a far better idea. For one, you will need a small amount to be able to tip on restaurant and bar bills or pay for a taxi home at the end of the night. Carrying cash also means that you are less likely to overspend – there’s nothing worse than waking up the next day with a sore head and a purse full of receipts from when you were waving your credit card around shouting ‘Margaritas for everyone!’ at 1am. Cash limits you a little, although it is a good idea to carry one card in case there is an emergency, or keep money for a taxi home separately so you don’t accidentally spend it.

Your Phone

These days, our phones are walking powerhouses that do it all, and you don’t want to be without. The latest models like the iPhone X, or Samsung Galaxy S9 have cameras which are brilliant in low light levels, meaning those snaps of you and your squad in the bar won’t be grainy and dark. From WhatsApping friends to check where they are to using PayPal to split a restaurant bill or even browsing Tinder to see who’s in the club, your phone is an essential. Make sure your handset is fully charged and you have a great deal from a network like SMARTY mobile powered by Three so you don’t lose signal at a crucial point or spent a fortune on data. Learn more about SMARTY and other networks on Half Cooked, they provide detailed reviews and comparisons of all the major UK networks to help you find the perfect network for your needs.


Most of us carry far too much! If you’ve used a good makeup primer and followed up with a setting spray, your makeup should be locked down and you shouldn’t need to touch up too much. A pressed powder compact, the lip colour you have on and a mini perfume, perhaps in a travel atomiser, should be enough.

With your stylishly slimline clutch and all the essentials, you can concentrate on having a great time.

Love, P




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The Beautiful art of Layering Necklaces + Giveaway

In collaboration with Muru Jewellery.

It’s no secret I love to layer my necklaces. Jewellery is, in my opinion, one of the quickest ways to transform an otherwise super basic and bordering on boring outfit into a chic little ensemble. My layering journey (if I can call it that) started years ago when long pearl necklaces were all the rage and layering them gave them a slight edge instead of the lady like look that has always been associated with them.

Nowadays I much prefer layering dainty, more simple and smaller necklaces, normally in gold and with some kind of meaning. I have a necklace with my initial, one with my children’s names, one that says ‘mama’ …. you get the idea right? I can safely say wearing layered necklaces has become part of my everyday looks and it’s something that now comes to me quite naturally.

Layered necklaces and giveaway

Obviously, when Muru asked me to style a few of their gorgeous pieces, I was beyond excited. Muru believes that jewellery should be not only an expression of your style but also of one’s hopes and aspirations so you can expect Muru’s designs to be both beautiful and full of meaning.

If you are not sure how to start layering your necklaces read on for a few of my tips but remember that the first rule of layering your necklaces is that there is no rule. Just have fun!

Layer by length

This is quite an obvious one i think. Start with your shortest necklace and gradually add more slightly longer than the last. This is possibly my favourite way of layering necklaces and I never wear more than 3 or 4 layers. It’s a fine line between looking on point and like a Christmas tree.

Mix metals

Once upon a time I had a huge mental block about mixing metals but now I love it. I think the key is to experiment with it and have fun with the different colours and textures.

Make it personal

I love wearing jewellery that speaks to me. Be it because it has my children’s names engraved or because it reminds me of a special place/time in my life or because it’s full of symbolism and meaning. This is the key, in my opinion, to make combinations that are unique to you and represent who you are.

necklace layering tips and muru giveaway

For this post i’m wearing:

Bead Chain Necklace Gold 18″

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5 Ways to Style Your Denim Jeans for Autumn

I can honestly say I would be totally lost without jeans in my wardrobe. They are without a doubt a key piece in every wardrobe. Jeans are so versatile and comfortable I wear them several times a week. From work to dinner to mummying around, they are possibly the most versatile piece of clothing one can own and easily styled up or down so you can be ready for whatever the day throws at you without major outfit changes.

Of course the most important thing about putting together a look with jeans is, of course, the jeans themself. So it’s extremely important that you get yourself the perfect pair. How do you do that? Simple, just make sure the jeans you pick suit your body shape, the fabric is not too stiff and the quality is good so they will last you a long time. With such a big range of denim jeans out there I’m sure you will find your perfect pair in no time and once you get your hands on that perfect pair of jeans, you can have a go at trying some of these outfit ideas to inject some vavavoom to the most basic of basics – denim jeans.

Jeans under dress

I’m a huge fan of layering a dress over my jeans. It instantly makes the outfit look way cooler than tights ever would. For this look to work, try sticking to skinny or straight-leg style jeans, rather than a flare to minimise looking bulky and disproportional.


pink dress over blue denim jeans


Double denim with a twist

Don’t just think double denim as denim jeans and a denim shirt. Why not try double denim with a dress instead of a shirt or even different coloured denim paired together? Think for instance, black denim jeans and a blue denim jacket or all white denim.

denim dress over jeans
photo @

Bling it out!

Think 90’s revival here. If like me you were a teen in 90’s you probably owned some kind of chain belt. I don’t know about you but I loved wearing mine and was very happy to see it was making a come back this season as a micro trend seen at Chanel, Versage and Luis Vuitton runway shows. What better way to bling out your jeans than to adorn them with a beautiful jewellery inspired chain belt? The only rule I live by here is less is more so choose clean designs that elevate your outfit rather than make you look like a christmas tree!

denim and chain belt
photo @

70’s revival

Think high waist, flares or wide leg jeans with a good dose of earthy tones added to the mix and a fabulous pair of boots. So simple but so so good.

Add animal print

We all know animal print is huge this season. Pair snake print, leopard print, zebra print, any animal print you like with your favourite pair of jeans to elevate your jeans and look roartastic!

jeans and animal print

snake print blouse, white blazer and jeans

And here you have it, 5 ways to style your jeans this autumn. Which is your favourite?

Love, P




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Micro Trend Alert: Chain Belts

I just love the way fashion trends are cyclical and how in this day and age nothing is ever out of fashion! (I realise this is quite a big statement but I truly believe it to be true)

All that was trendy in the Eighties, Nineties and early Aughts is in the midst of a revival right now and I couldn’t be happier mostly because I’m not sure I was able to pull off some of these trends when I was a teenager and I’m looking forward to give them another go as a grown up woman. Styling is key to looking on trend and to give old clothes a fresh feel so I’m excited to give chain belts another go.

If like me you were a teen in the 90’s (late 90’s early 00’s was when the trend was all the rage really) you probably owned at least a chain belt. I know I did and I loved it. I remember wearing it with my jeans and trousers in an attempt to imitate Kate Moss’s style whom was a big style influence for me then (still is if I’m honest).

Here’s a little blast from the past to revive your memory…

chanel vintage chain belt runway inspo

Chanel spring 1994 runway inspo chain belts

chain belt chanel 90's runway inspo

Chances are you haven’t worn or even thought about wearing a chain belt for quite a while (me probably 2002!) but lately they keep creeping up here and there and ever since I saw that Zara stocked a couple this season that I just can’t get them out of my head! (

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5 Popular A/W18 Runway Trends you will see on the High Street

Sometimes, when you look at the runway shows, it’s hard to imagine just how some of these trends will translate into the real world. There are certainly some looks that would be a little weird to rock while doing your weekly food shop! However, here are five of the most popular runway trends that you will see on the high street this season and how to make them wearable in your daily life.

Animal print

You may have noticed that every shop seems to be going crazy for animal print this season, as it is set to be the look for Autumn/Winter 2018. There are so many ways to wear animal print, whether you want to go bold and luxurious with a leopard print or zebra print dress, or perhaps for a more toned down look using just a few accessories, a faux croc or snake skin handbag or even a neck scarf will be on trend without making you feeling like Kat Slater.

animal print


Another print that you will see everywhere for Autumn/Winter 2018 is geometrical checks. This season though there is more to this trend than check coats and jackets – huge last year and going strong this season too. From Prince of Wales weaves to tartan and tweed, checks are huge news on the high-street and designer rails. 

Why not try a checked midi dress layered with a trench coats or checked wide-leg trousers with a simple button down shirt or t-shirt. Also why not experiment a little with the colour pallet? There are plenty of styles to choose from. This is a simple trend you can wear in endless ways.

plaid trousers

plaid dress

Moody florals

Although we are used to seeing florals in a big way during spring and summer, this year they are being given an autumnal twist with a dark background and moody colours. This is a look that’s really easy to wear; just pair a floral dress with ankle boots or your favourite pair of trainers and tights for a classic, cosy autumn look that’s bang on trend.

moody floral dress maxi

moody florals aw18

Outerwear Layers

It’s finally cool to wear a coat again! Balenciaga were one of the brands that rocked the runway with a lot of layers, utilising several different types of jackets or coats to really battle the elements! You might end up looking like you’ve been playing a weird party game if you walk in the supermarket in six different coats, but don’t be afraid to layer a full length coat over a jacket. It’s finally cool to be warm!

outerwear layers autumn winter 2018 pastel pink

outerwear layers autumn winter 2018

trench coat layered over blazer

Lust-Worthy Earrings

Everyone knows that earrings can really make and transform an outfit and where Spring/Summer was all about the large pom-pom and tassel earrings, they are taking a more festive twist for Autumn/Winter with shoulder-grazing lust-worthy earrings being a must. The Bigger the better! 

statement earrings gold

Big earrings

So next time you feel like you don’t have anything to wear, and you’re looking for some inspiration, head to the runways and see how you can make the looks work for you! Don’t be put off by the outlandish makeup looks, scraps of material and bolder-than-bold choices. If you look for the themes consistent on the runways you can create a look that is in line with this season’s trends that is wearable and makes sense in your everyday life.

What do you think of these trends? Would you wear them? Let me know in the comments below!

Love, P


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How to Layer Your Outfits Like a Pro

It’s September. I dropped my kids of for their first day back at school earlier today and there was a ‘freshness’ or dare I say a ‘chill’ in the air. I can be in denial no more. Autumn is fast approaching and I must come to terms with it.

I’m not ready to pack my beloved summer wardrobe away yet so I’m doing the next best thing to tackle the colder mornings and evening, I’m layering the hell out of my outfit! If right now you are having visions of of Mr Michelin Man which, by the way is 120 years old (crazy right?) worry not I promise you that you will look nothing like him with these layering tricks and they will allow you to

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4 Stylish and Effortless Looks to Try Before Summer is Over

We are fast approaching the end of August and that can only mean one thing: The end of Summer is near. ‘NO! I’m not ready for Autumn yet!’ – I hear you cry. Neither am I but it’s inevitable, Autumn will be here before we know it.

So, before it does, there is still time to rock some great stylish and effortless summer looks that I have been dying to try before kissing summer goodbye.

I would like to share 4 of those with you today and I hope you love them enough to give them a go or to at least be inspired by them. These outfits are not overly fancy but I think they are very timeless and stylish and the beauty of them all is that they can be dressed up or down depending on your needs and plans. In fact chances are you already have some of these pieces hanging on your wardrobe.


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