Keeping Healthy as a Busy Mum of Two

In collaboration with Sundose

Being fit and healthy has always been one of my number one priorities and so living a healthy lifestyle is extremely important to me. However juggling work and numerous other projects along with being a mum of two means – and I’m pretty sure many of you will agree with me here – it’s not always easy to focus on eating balanced meals and working out regularly. Of course I try but life gets in the way sometimes and 24 hrs don’t seem to stretch far enough… read more

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Fit Style: Sportswear Everywhere

Since I became a stay at home mother (sahm) to my two lovely children, sportswear has no doubt become daily wear for me, with or without the gym. Now, as a style conscious mother or 2 that I am, I try to put together my workout outfits in a way that won’t look like I’ve just rolled out of bed so I can easily wear my workout outfit to do the school runs, run errands and go for coffee while still feeling comfortable and presentable. read more

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