The Decor Is In The Details: 5 Interior Design Tips

Interior design is a lot more than just picking out the paint colour. The decor and details are what really make a room feel complete, but it can be hard to know where to start when you are overwhelmed with so many options. However, here are five easy interior design tips that will help you turn your house into your dream home!

Add Pops of Colour To The Furniture, Wall Decor, and Accessories For a Fun Look

Colouring an entire room can be expensive and time-consuming, but there are plenty of ways to make your room vibrant. Try incorporating pops of colour in other areas. Use vibrant colours for furniture or accessories like pillows, curtains, vases, and any other small details that can add a splash of colour into space.

5 Interior Design Tips

Replace Old Light Fixtures with New Ones To Give The Space More Personality

If you are asking yourself how light can be part of interior design, it is definitely vital. Lights can make or break the vibe of the room. This will give your space more character without going overboard on all the décor details. Some types of light fixtures to consider are chandeliers, sconces, pendants and track lighting. However, there’s no need for a complete overhaul if you want some subtle changes. Just replace one or two old fixture heads with new ones in the same style.

Use Rugs In Different Sizes And Shapes To Create Interest Throughout The Room

Try to mix and match area rugs in different sizes. Use contrasting shapes like squares, circles, and rectangles to add visual interest. Put a rug that is larger or smaller than the space it occupies to create an interesting focal point. You can also try laying your rug out flat below other furniture such as chairs, tables, sofas or beds. This will give a sense of depth. Don’t worry about matching colours! The designs can be bright and bold for maximum impact.

5 Interior Design Tips

Keep Things Organised By Using Other Alternatives Instead Of Traditional Shelves Or Cabinets

For example, instead of using traditional storage such as shelves or cabinets to store your dishes in the kitchen, place decorative baskets on the floor and use hooks for hanging towels. As you can see at, even heated towel rails have a different style and finish to proudly hang towels. This will help keep things organised while also adding a sense of style. You can do this with any room that needs storage by replacing shelving units with similarly-sized boxes.

Pick Your Colour Scheme Carefully

The colour scheme is a very important part of any design, but in interior design, it can be the difference between making your room feel small and cramped or spacious and welcoming. Put some effort into choosing what colour palette you want. Focus on the hues, blending and contrast of them.

5 Interior Design Tips

Final Thoughts

Don’t just focus on the small things. Use them to your advantage! You have a whole world of interior design options at your fingertips. Think about what you want to achieve when decorating your home. Take some time and explore what you can do with colours, textures, shapes and sizes in order to make your home truly yours. We hope we’ve inspired you today – let us know how it goes!

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