How to Redecorate on a low Budget

add a splash of colour - tips to redecorate on a budget

Redecorating is a very exciting time for homeowners, allowing them to personalise their house to their style and make the changes they want to enjoy the place more. For those who are working to a tighter budget it can be stressful – which is why We Buy Any House have put together some helpful ideas to keep the costs down and still achieve stunning results.

Add some colour

Painting your home is a perfect way to redecorate, as it can be done on almost any budget and will let you pick shades that you adore to further reflect yourself in the house. Some homeowners will choose to have decorators in, but to keep costs down you can get any supplies that you need at a local hardware shop and do it yourself.

You can choose any colour you like, but a lot of people find that they want to get a proper idea of how the room will look before they commit. Using the Dulux Visualiser App is a really popular tool as it will let you take photos of your room and pick the shades that you want to see, giving you a much clearer idea of how it will look when the jobs done. This is also a really good test if you want to put two different colours together but you’re not sure if they will work or not, letting you test various options before you move forward and buy the paint.


Rather than replacing the things that you’ve got which can be a very expensive job, look at the furniture in your home and see how you can change it yourself to fit the style that you’re looking for. We’re seeing upcycled items in millions of homes across the country and the results are absolutely stunning, allowing you to customise your pieces to make them fit perfectly in your house.

Some people shy away from the idea of upcycling, thinking that it’s too difficult and that they won’t do a good job, but there are lots of really easy guides to follow and plenty of online resources to help. Another good idea is to pick up cheap furniture that’s being sold and to upcycle that if you haven’t got the pieces that you want to work on, allowing you to keep costs low and come out with a personalised, unique item of furniture for your home.

Focus on your accessories

Redecorating your home doesn’t need to involve huge changes – replacing small items can give a completely different feel and let you redesign the room easily. Looking at cushion covers, throws, or pictures on the wall and changing them will quickly change the style of your room.

Pick two colours that you want to focus on for your rooms, and replace the accessories with these shades. If you’re struggling to pick colours, looking online at sites like Pinterest for inspiration will reveal all sorts of beautiful pairs. We’ve also included some of our favourites that we’ve seen in homes in the last year –

  • Black and white
  • Turquoise and cream
  • Gold and royal blue
  • Sage green and soft pink

There’s plenty of different shades for you to choose from, so you can really narrow down what works best for you and bring it into your home.

Redesign your floorplan

Moving the things that you’ve already got in your home can make it look completely different, giving the feel of redecorating without having to spend any money. Even just moving your furniture around a little can give a completely new feel to the room, and will look like you’ve made some big changes with little effort.

Having your things further apart in the summer will give more space in your home, making it feel airier and relaxing in the warmer months, whereas moving things closer together in the winter can make the rooms feel cosier and more welcoming. In some homes, it’s difficult to move your big pieces of furniture around, especially if you’ve already got them in the optimal position, so you can focus on the smaller pieces like side tables, bookshelves, and ornaments to give a new look.

No matter your budget, there are options for you to redecorate your home in any style and make it perfect for you.


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