5 Things you didn’t know about Ethical Shopping

Shopping ethically is one way that we can all work together to help save the planet. It’s about shopping only when we really need to, avoiding waste and heavy manufacturing processes. It’s also about shopping locally, to help lower carbon footprints, and supporting those at the bottom of the chain, making sure everyone receives fair pay for everything they do. There are lots of reasons to consider shopping ethically. Read through our list below and see if we can convince you that it’s the right thing to do.

1. It’s about doing what you can

It’s easy for people to become consumed with shopping ethically. So much so that they make life difficult for themselves and everyone around them. Remember that any changes you can make to your shopping habits, no matter how small, will be of benefit to someone. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Rushing in and changing everything overnight might overwhelm you and increase your guilt levels should you fail. Start slowly, do your research and build up your ethical choices little by little.

2. Where you can shop ethically might surprise you

Shopping ethically doesn’t have to mean only visiting the Fairtrade shop or buying everything second-hand. There are some high street stores that support ethical movements and it is perfectly acceptable to reward them for their efforts with your custom. Debenhams, for instance, is a cruelty-free brand which does not use animal furs or feathers in any of the products they sell.

3. It doesn’t have to cost the earth (well that’s the point, isn’t it?)

We understand that not everyone has a huge bank balance and so we wanted to reassure you that shopping ethically doesn’t have to blow the budget. In fact, if you embrace the lifestyle and cut back on your purchases it could even save you money. If you start to really analyse each purchase you make, asking yourself if you really need the product in your life, you might find yourself buying less.

4. It might help you build relationships

One of the key habits in an ethical lifestyle is to not waste goods. Many of those already involved in the ethical shopping movement have established trading systems with others also living a more ethical lifestyle. They trade clothes that they no longer want or share goods such as lawn mowers or carpet washers, where each household doesn’t necessarily need their own. Trading (as long as it is handled fairly) could help you improve your relationships with others.

5. You could enjoy better quality products

Part of the appeal of shopping ethically is purchasing products that are of better quality so that they last longer. It’s about going against the throwaway society that we live in and investing in something that will truly last. This, of course, means that you are more likely to develop an attachment to the products you purchase and keep on loving and appreciating them for many years to come.


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