Every Man’s Guide to Dressing to Impress on a First Date

Have you recently managed to finally land a date with the woman you’ve been interested in for quite some time now? If so, you’ll obviously want to make a great impression. Taking her to a special location and making sure she has an enjoyable time is only half the battle, though, as you also want to make a great first impression with how you dress. Putting in the effort to put your best foot forward always bodes well, especially on a first date.

So, if you’re starting to feel a bit nervous about how you should dress, and what will make the best impression, this guide to dressing for a first date will prove invaluable.

Leave the Cosy, Casual Wear at Home

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with dressing in clothing that you find comfortable, there is a difference between walking out in your sweats and a pair of well-fitted denim jeans with a great looking shirt. A first date is no place for the cosy, casual at-home wear. Because you have likely planned the date, you know the venue(s), which means you also know what the appropriate clothing will be.

Denim Is the Most Versatile Option

Speaking of denim, as you rummage through your wardrobe in search of the perfect outfit, keep in mind that denim tends to be the most versatile option. Investing in a pair of great fitting dark wash denim gives you the ability to dress your outfit up or down depending on the venue and occasion. Jeans pair well with button-up dress shirts and t-shirts, and can be worn all four seasons. Dark wash denim is also one of those staples that is always fashionable and trendy.

Don’t forget when investing in a pair of great denim jeans you also want to splurge on a belt. Something in tan, cognac, or brown will look great against the dark wash.

Use a Pop of Colour to Your Advantage

It can be a nice touch to add a pop of colour to your outfit. Colour can add life to your face, bring out some of your best features, and give you a real sense of style. If you’re not usually the type to grab colourful clothes, and you’re feeling unsure of what would be best, go for something like a rich blue or green as these tend to work well with most skin tones.

If you just don’t feel comfortable wearing colour, your next best bet is navy or dark grey instead of traditional and often boring black.

Don’t Forget the Shoes

Men can put all the effort into their wardrobe, style their hair great, and feel as though they look really sharp, but if you don’t finish the look off with a fabulous pair of shoes – then all your efforts will go to waste. Shoes complete a look, they pull all the elements together, and can even act as a statement piece if you choose. 

If you’re having a hard time figuring out what style is best, brogues such as the ones available through Dune London are always a great choice. These are a classic shoe that manages to work well with everything from a casual pair of denim, to dress slacks. It takes the traditional Derby or Oxford style shoe and injects a sense of modern and “cool” style in them. Not only that, but they are incredibly comfortable, which means you won’t be focused on sore feet during your all-important first date.

By following each of these style tips you’ll be sure to make a great first impression that can help you clinch a second date. 

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