How To Add A Personal Touch To Your Decor

Styling your home to meet your need is part of the joy of interior decor. Whatever you want to change, your options are unlimited. So let’s take a look at what redecorating your home means and some of the ideas that you might want to implement. Your home is your castle and making the most of the space and rooms that you have will come down to getting as much out of it as you put in.

Paint the walls

One of the ways that most of us update our homes to get a fresh look is by painting the walls with a new colour every so often. But have you ever stopped to consider what the colours you are using mean to you? A growing trend in interior design is to acknowledge and understand colour psychology when freshening up our homes. Our brains are fascinating places and the way we respond to colours is just as interesting. Depending on the type of room you are designing, you should consider the use of colours to aid your use of the space. For example, blues and greens are said to be calming and stabilising colours which makes them perfect for living rooms and bedrooms. These are two parts of the home that you traditionally will want to relax and let the day wash away from you, so utilise colours that encourage your mindset to drift into that way of thinking.

In addition to the colour of the paints you are using, think about the design. You will know best how your brain responds to different patterns and therefore will be able to consider what approach is best for your rooms. There are many ways that you can paint a room such as using straight lines and blocks of colours, or making the most of stencils to have patterns on the walls. 

Think about how you tend to respond to different rooms you have visited and artwork to give you inspiration for painting your own home.

dark painted walls living space


There are parts of the home that we need to have. They have a practical use and are therefore necessary to keep, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put your own twist on them. One of these amenities is the heating system that your house uses.  The traditional setup might not meet your needs anymore and you may want to consider different options. Well, using places like to research the types of radiators and heating that you can install in your house will give you the ideas to put your own touch on your decor.

The aim when you are doing home improvements should always be to have it meet your needs and suit your style. Just because something is in vogue, doesn’t mean that is what you like. Remember, you are living there not your guests so you should create rooms that you enjoy being in and are proud to call your own.


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