5 Steps To Building Your Perfect Wardrobe

What’s one of the best ways to refresh your style and your life ready for the arrival of spring? It would have to be revamping your closet, having an epic decluttering sessions and freshening up the space you store your clothes in. There is a lot to be said for the power of organisation to streamline your life, buying lesser and better quality, taking care of the things we love, and paring everything back to the essentials. Your perfect wardrobe is a matter of individual preferences, and matching your clothes to your aesthetic and lifestyle. Here’s how to get there in five easy steps…

Organise Your Space

You may be lucky enough to have a space that you can use as a dressing room, or a walk in closet that you can organise exactly how you like. The area where you store your most treasured belongings is definitely worth some time and effort. Start with the basics like repainting, adding shelving or extra rails, buying sturdy shoe racks and the like. You want your room to be comfortable so don’t forget things like ac unit repair or proper blinds as well.

Declutter What You Have

Most of us own far too many clothes which never get worn – either stuff we have bought in the sales that doesn’t suit or perhaps doesn’t fit, things we’ve outgrown or pieces which no longer fit our needs. Commit to paring down these items to key pieces and donating things which haven’t been worn in months. Then when you have a clearer idea of the clothes you really have to house, you can plan out storage solutions much better.

Define Your Signature Look

Anyone who is truly stylish has taken the time to work out a signature look which works perfectly for the life they lead, their body shape, and how they want to present themselves to the world. Make a list of your daily situations, the events you go to, the colors you’re drawn to and what qualities you would like to see in your clothes (practical? feminine? high quality?). Your style needs to inspire you and allow you to express yourself, but also to be appropriate for the life you lead – there’s little point in having hundreds of cocktail dresses if you very rarely go out at night!

Know What Works For You

You also want to work out which shapes suit your body and come up with two or three combinations that work for you which you can then recreate in different colours and finishes. A session with a personal stylist can be really useful for this, or find a celebrity with a similar body type to yours and take a look at their best outfits for some quick inspiration.

Add Interest With Accessories

Once you have the basics sorted you can add a little flair and individuality to your look simply by adding a few accessories. It could be a colorful silk scarf or perhaps some delicate layered necklaces. Maybe you’re a fan of a statement boot or some showstopping tasselled earrings? Work out what makes you happy and expresses your personality and go for it!


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