Fashion Fix Friday: Luscious Velvet IRL

Velvet is a classic winter fabric but if I’m honest I have always associated it to evening wear and old ladies. Wrong! So wrong! How could I be so wrong? I was for many, many years but no more. I’m fully embracing velvet and I want to incorporate with my everyday looks not just save it for the occasional night out. 

There is just so much to love about velvet. It’s soft, luxurious, looks good on skirts, trousers, blazer, dresses and even shoes but most of all, it’s perfect and easy to dress up or down and totally perfect for all your holiday frolics.

I have compiled some beautiful velvety style inspiration for you below as well as my edit of favourite edit pieces in the shops right now.

How to wear velvet - Velvet coat
How to wear velvet - Velvet pencil skirt
How to wear velvet - Velvet blazer
How to wear velvet - Velvet mustard dress

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Love, P

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