5 Ways to Make Your Beauty Routine Quicker and More Effective

Mornings are possibly the busiest time of my daily routine. I need to get up and ready, get the kids up and ready, prepare breakfast, eat breakfast, feed the kids breakfast, get the kids ready, prepare lunch bags…. You get the gist! So, as you can imagine a morning beauty routine is definitely not my priority. However, I still like to look good and hate nothing more than leaving the house looking like death. If this is you too read on for some tips on how you can make your morning beauty routine quicker and more effective.

Overnight Masks

If your skin needs a bit of TLC, you don’t necessarily need to weigh it down with heavy cream in the morning. You can use overnight masks that are easy to remove once you got out of the bed, and your skin will only need a bit of cleansing and vitamin serum before you apply the makeup. Choose the mask that is easy to apply and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.

Sleep In Curlers

In case doing your hair takes the most of your time up in the morning, you can find some sleep in curlers that are comfortable and will help you keep your hairdo in shape. No matter if you have natural curls that get out of control in the morning, or simply would like to add volume so you can style your hair accordingly, you will be able to save time without having to put up with uncomfortable curlers.


We seem to be obsessed with our eyebrows, and getting the shape and strength right in the morning is a challenge, even for the most artistic people out there. It might be a good idea to get your eyebrows defined by a microblading artist, so all you have to do is tweak, go over them, brush them, and you are good to go. Your eyebrows give your face a great definition and should be the foundation of all your makeup.

Permanent Hair Removal

It is also a good idea to save time and effort when you jump in the shower in the morning. Shaving is a delicate task, and if you are not fully awake before your second coffee, chances are that you might suffer an accident. You should do your research on how permanent hair removal services work so you can find the right solution, whether or not you would like to avoid shaving your legs every morning, or need to tackle facial hair that is annoying.  

Shower Multitasking

Multitasking is something we are good at. You can use your facial scrub in the shower to get a fresh glow in just a few minutes. You will also be able to wash your face with black soap to get rid of the bacteria and improve your complexion. After you have closed your pores, you can start applying your primer and once you are dressed up, you can start your makeup.

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