How to Beautifully Frame Your Face in 4 Simple Steps

We have already tackled how to transition our summer wardrobe into autumn, so now it’s time to have a think about everything else and today I would like to focus on our face. The changing seasons are always a good excuse to change revamp hair style and colour as well as eyewear and accessories. Just like the clothes, these will help with updating your style for the new season. The key is to always find the best way to complement your face and of course the only way you can do that is by identifying your face shape and what might work with it as well as your style. Keep reading for some ideas and tips on how to do just that.

What is your face shape?

Generally speaking, face shapes fall into six categories; round, square, oval, heart oblong, or diamond. Figuring out your face shape doesn’t have to be difficult, and in fact, there are numerous guides online (I found this handy flowchart very useful) to help you with this process and make it simple to define your face shape. Don’t panic if you don’t necessarily fall into just one category, find the one that fits best and then experiment a little.

Picking the best glasses to compliment your face

Once you have a better idea about your face shape, choosing the perfect pair of glasses or sunglasses becomes much easier. Even if you wear glasses for reading only, it’s still important to pick glasses that compliment your features so that you can feel fabulous at all times. If you have a square face, you are better off choosing frames that aren’t too chunky. If you have a round face, the more angular frames will balance out the roundness of your face. There are sites like Glasses 2 You that can help you pick from hundreds of different styles. With so many options you are bound to find the perfect glasses to suit your needs and occasion.

flatlay with sunglasses

Choosing The Right Accessories

Glasses and jewellery are the best accessories to help frame your face, and picking the appropriate jewellery for the shape of your face is a fine art. Choosing necklaces or earrings that enhance your face is a must. The key is in contrasting the shape of your jewellery with the shape of your face so they complement each other.

Changing Your Hairstyle

Arguably the most important aspect of highlighting your face is to choose the right hairstyle. You can get inspiration from your style icons and celebrities that have a similar shape face to you, but when you have a heart-shaped face, a wavy or curly style helps to frame your features, or if you have a diamond-shaped face, wispy bangs or wavy chin-length hair looks fantastic. And if you’ve got an oval face, well then you are the lucky one,  anything goes as this face shape suits almost all hairstyles!

And don’t forget your neckline. If you have a round face, wider and deeper collars help to show off your face. But if you have a long face, picking necklines that are closer to the neck helps to widen your features.

We all want to look good and go to great lengths to do just that so knowing how to best frame your face based on your face shape and the styles that work with it is a great help and will allow you to experiment and play with different styles with confidence and flair.

Love, P

 **This is a collaborative post. For more information please head over to my disclosure page.

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