How to use Jewellery Effectively to Bring your Outfit to Life

Jewellery is the perfect accessory for bringing your outfit to life. Whether you’re trying to look sophisticated, sexy or even scary, jewellery can help create the desired impact. Of course, there are several bling-wearing blunders to avoid if you don’t want your appearance to come off as tacky. Here are just a few rules that can help you wear jewellery effectively and appropriately.

Know when to stay subtle – and when to go bold

There are certain times when it’s best to stay subtle. The workplace is one place where you don’t want to be overly ‘blingy’ as it could affect your professionalism – opt for thin single bracelets over noisy armfuls of bangles and do away with flashy pendants that could offer too much personalisation. Meanwhile, there are times such as festivals in which you can go as bold as possible – this is the perfect time for layering up necklaces and pulling out your most eccentric earrings. In the case of other social occasions, you may want to find a sweet spot in the middle, having one statement piece that draws attention, but keeping any other jewellery subtle so that it doesn’t look chaotic. It all depends on the amount of attention you’re happy to receive and the formality of the situation.

Frame your face with earrings

Earrings are great for framing your face. Different earrings are better suited for different personalities and different occasions. For everyday use when you don’t want to be noticed, stick to studs. For getting noticed meanwhile, try dangly earrings. If you’ve got other piercings other than your lobe, you can also use these to bring extra character to your facial appearance. This could include helix earrings or nose piercings that break the symmetry. Like standard earrings, you can keep these as studs or go for something wilder.  

Match long necklaces with flowing clothing, chokers with tight-fitting clothing

Loose long necklaces work well with loose clothing – this could include layers of long necklaces with an oversized jacket for a boho chic vibe, or a single glitzy long necklace with a long dress. Shorter necklaces such as chokers meanwhile work better with shorter tighter fitting clothing – a diamond choker can complement a sexy cocktail dress, whilst a single black band can go well with a more casual top. Use this rule and your necklace will always be in tune with your outfit.

Choose pendants that show off your personality

Colour pendants

Pendants are deliberately showy, so look for pendants that say something about you. This could be a birthstone or gem in your favourite colour. Alternatively, you could try pendants related to interests such as earrings themed around your favourite animals or a nerdy logo to a movie. You could even get an engraved pendant with your name on it for something utterly unique. Unlike generic pendants, personalised pendants can be great conversation starters and are perfect for social situations where you may be meeting new people.

Mix up your metals

In years gone by, it was a sin to mix different metals, but nowadays it’s a trend. Mixed metals work particularly well with a matchy-matchy outfit, helping to disrupt the tone. You should still try to choose one dominant metal – if you’re wearing a copper necklace, you could also try wearing a copper bracelet and then some gold earrings. You can also try wearing multiple bracelets or necklaces of different metals as a statement.

Colour co-ordinate

Jewellery can also be used to colour co-ordinate with your outfit. Light metals can be great for contrasting darker clothing, whilst black stones or leather can be great for contrasting brighter clothing. You can also match jewellery gemstones to accessories – a green pendant could be matches with green shoes and a green handbag. You can also match the colour of gemstones to the colour of your lipstick or the colour of your nails in order to draw attention to your makeup, or you could bring out natural features such as the colour of your eyes or the colour of your hair. Just make sure that you’re not going overly matchy-matchy (unless you have the eccentric personality to pull it off!).

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  1. Oh I am rubbish at changing my jewelry round. I have a few key pieces that I wear all the time and that’s that. I only really think about changing them when I realy dress up, and that probably only happens twice a year! #stayclassymama

  2. Some great tips here. I love jewellery and have boxes full but sometimes I don’t know how to match it all up. Looking forward to trying your suggestions/tips x #StayClassyMama

  3. I am a slug when it comes to changing up jewelry. I have little silver hoops in my ears and my wedding ring. Occasionally I will wear a necklace. These are great tips for when I get the motivation to shake it up! <3 #stayclassymama

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