The 3 Things you Need to Resolve the ‘I Have Nothing to Wear’ Predicament

Let’s face it, we have all been in this predicament at some point in our lives. We have a wardrobe full of clothes yet we don’t seem to want to wear any of the clothes we have hanging there! So, what do we do? Do we a) go out and get ourself some new clothes or b) repurpose and restyle the clothes we already have? I’m more inclined to choose option b if I’m honest.

Today I would like to focus on accessories because they are the easiest, quickest and often the cheapest way to instantly update and breathe new life into the clothes you already own.

Accessories are hot every season but there are lots of great accessory trends I am loving right now. Keep scrolling down for some great inspiration from some of my favourite influencers and to shop this season’s hottest accessories.

Gold Jewellery 

This is by far my favourite accessory of all time. Gold jewellery will never go out of fashion – be it statement or fine and dainty – it will always elevate the most basic of outfits. I love wearing gold hoops and layered necklaces.

gold earrings statement

gold earrings



Strappy Sandals

Summer calls for open shoes of course but this season we are seeing a flashback from the 90’s with strappy sandals with midi block heels. I just love this style. So minimal and above all comfortable (as long as the straps are not too thin that is). Strappy sandals are sure to breath new life to your jean outfits as well as midi dresses/skirts making them look effortlessly cool.

block heel strappy sandals

strappy sandals and jeans

block heel sandals with black dress

strappy sandals



Woven Handbag

Awww! I just love a woven/straw handbag. Funny enough they have always been a thing here in Portugal as they are such a traditional Portuguese craft but in recent seasons they seem to have taken over the fashion world and have gained ‘arm candy’ status all over the world.

woven handbag, jeans and white floaty blouse

woven handbag and white dress



Love, P





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  1. I always find myself in the predicament of having nothing to wear and my husband will always say “but you have a cupboard full of clothes and accessories”. Great tips for mixing and matching. Love those gold earrings #stayclassymama

  2. Okay, I don’t think you’ll ever get me wearing strappy sandals, but the idea that chic jewellery and a woven handbag can jazz up an outfit is very inspiring. I just started a new job and am struggling to move out of mum mode and back into stylish dressing. You’ve given me some ideas. Thank you. #stayclassymama

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