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Choosing the right furniture and furnishings for your home can be quite daunting particularly when you are working on a budget but refuse to compromise on the quality of the products you choose for your home. I get it. I have been there many times and also found it daunting which is why I was thrilled to be introduced to Made to Last  by it’s co-founder Joel Chudleigh.

In a nutshell, Made to Last ‘focus on sustainability with the aim to help people find quality products that will last a long time’. This rang like music to my years and I was very interested to find out more.

Made to Last products are all manufactured in the British Isles and sold in Britain. The founders strongly believe this helps to strengthen local industries and craftspeople as well as helping to keep their product costs low. One thing that really impressed me was that they offer a very long guarantee on their products (sometimes even lifetime guarantee) which to me sounds like they truly believe their products will withstand the test of time and will ultimately be incredibly good value for their customers.


As I was looking around their site I realised that everything they sell has high utility value and serves a purpose. I was particularly impressed by their sofa bed and lighting range.

As you probably already know I have family spread around the world and therefore I always need to be ready to welcome visitors that will need to stay overnight. As the family grows so do our sleeping arrangement needs and recently we have been looking for a sofa bed for the office.

Made to Last sofa beds seem perfect. They have a range of beautiful handmade sofa beds that are well structured, comfortable to sleep on as well as sit on and of course, that last a long time. They come with 15 years to lifetime guarantee depending on the sofa bed.

I haven’t yet decided which to get for the office but these are the ones I have under my radar at the moment:

Jaybe Modern 2 Seater Pocket Sprung Sofa Bed

madetolast.com sofa bed

madetolast.com sofa bed

Orwell 3 Seater Sofa Bed

madetolast.com sofa bed

madetolast.com sofa bed

You can choose the colour and fabric for your sofa beds from a very wide range and you can expect it to be delivered to your door for free between 4-8 weeks.

As I said a little earlier. I was also very impressed with their Lighting range. I’m not in need of any at the moment but I couldn’t resist looking around and decided to put together a little edit of my favourite lamps below.

Mullan Havana Modern Industrial Table Lamp

Mullan Monaco Floor Lamp

Pillar Floor Light by Davey Lighting

Mullan Apoch Pulley Cage Table lamp



Now the hard part is to choose… however I can be sure that whatever my choice the products will be of the very best quality and true value for money.

Love, P


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  1. Sofa beds are the best especially when you have visitors sleeping over. We have one in our leisure room and when the kids have movie night over the weekend they sleep on the sofa bed #stayclassymama

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