Creating Luxury Apartment Living On A Budget

Furnishing an apartment can be a big task. How do you create luxury living when you spent all of your money landing your dream apartment in the first place?

The key to creating modern, stylish apartment decor isn’t related to how much money you have, but what you do with it instead. It’s possible to create that luxe living easily with just a few simple tips to help you turn your space into your own.

Read on to learn more about creating luxury apartment living on a budget.

Creating Luxury Apartment Living On A Budget

Setting your budget

While you could spend a large proportion of your salary on new apartment decor, you’re going to need to reign it in to make sure you can afford to live in your apartment. Set a decor budget that’s realistic, takes all of your rooms into account and you know will help you get the job done. Try not to go overboard; you can always replace items or upgrade them when your finances are healthier.

Write a wishlist

A wishlist is a great idea to help you think about the different items you want for your home. If you have specific items from certain brands in mind, write them down. It doesn’t matter if everything fits within your budget or not, you can work out those details later. For now, take a look at Pinterest and interiors magazines to help you get some great ideas for decor you can bring to your own apartment. Don’t forget to take inspiration from other people’s homes too – listings for a penthouse could show you some stylish decorating ideas that you can adapt for yourself. Don’t be afraid to aim high, as you could find that some ideas are more affordable than you think.

Start shopping

Now that you know what you want to buy, you can look to purchase your items as cheaply as possible. Searching for items on your wishlist will give you an idea of prices, and let you find both the high and low ends of the price points. While you might find that some things are easily affordable, others might fall outside of your budget.

To help bring the cost down, you could try looking for discount codes online. There are some great websites for finding deals that can help you bring the cost of your items down and save you anywhere from 5 to 30%. Make sure that you sign up to the retailer’s newsletter too; many will offer introductory offers of your first shop that can be worth taking advantage of.Checkout voucher code site like dealsdaddy to get home decor items as discounted rates.

Creating Luxury Apartment Living On A Budget

Look for cheaper alternatives

While you might have your eye on a specific item like a rug or a coffee table, you might need to compromise if they’re out of your budget. It’s usually popular to find a similar or even identical items for less if you’re willing to shop around. Some items you should be willing to compromise on, like textiles and smaller home accessories, which will help you save money on the larger items.

Give priority to investment items

By saving on the smaller things, you can put more of your budget towards items you’re going to be using for a long time such as a couch or a bed. If there are items that you really want, you should give them priority, as they are designed to last much longer. Items such as couches and dining sets will also retain some resale value, so you could get some of your money back down the line if you decide to refresh your decor.

When buying larger furniture items, there are some additional things you’ll want to consider. There are things to avoid when buying a couch, for example, such as choosing the wrong fabric or buying a sofa on a whim when you’re unsure of the color or the style.

Consider 0% interest options

Some furniture companies can offer a zero-interest payment plan to help you get the items you want. If you’re willing to pay monthly for items you can’t afford outright right now, this might be the best solution for you. Be wary when entering into long-term credit options, they might affect your credit rating and be difficult to pay if other financial commitments get in the way. Only commit if you know you can pay the monthly amount, and try to choose deals that will let you pay back sooner without incurring a penalty.

Buy used

There’s no rule to say that everything in your apartment has to be new. You can get some great deals on some pre-owned goods that have barely been used or are still in an excellent condition. Closets, dressers, dining tables and other items could all be worth purchasing used, allowing you to enjoy having furniture for now that you can upgrade later. Some excellent places to find used furniture include eBay, Craigslist, auctions houses and flea markets.  Used items that are high-quality could end up costing you less than new items that are poor-quality, meaning you’re getting much more value from what you’re spending.

Creating Luxury Apartment Living On A Budget - upcycle


The upcycling movement has really taken off in recent years, with many people happy to share their triumphs and wisdom on YouTube, Pinterest and other platforms. Upcycling allows you to turn something old into something new again, helping you to stop unwanted furniture going to waste, while also incorporating the latest trends into your decor. Upcycling is great for making common household items look more luxurious, and there’s a whole website dedicated to IKEA hacks. Working on something yourself will make you feel much prouder of the result.

Being thrifty with your interior design doesn’t mean that you can’t create a fabulous interior. Focus on minimalist styles with strong features that will catch the eye and make your home feel more luxe. Over time, you can replace items and change your decor to keep up with different trends and create high-quality decor. Remember, it’s not about how high your budget is, but what you do with it that will help you create that luxury apartment living for less.

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  1. Great advice! We are making over our whole house and just doing our lounge. We are going mid century modern – a real opportunity to find timeless pieces and classic design. We have found some great bargains! #stayclassymama

  2. I love upcycling! When my husband and I bought our first house, we had zero money and an empty house with no furniture! We’ve been slowly accumulating and figuring it out as we go! These are fabulous tips to love the look of your home without hating the look of your wallet!

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