Always Exploring: How You Can Spend More Time Travelling

There’s a reason why, for many people, the most fun thing they can do is to set off to a new land, with nothing to do but go on an adventure: it’s fun. Alas, with the pesky real world always hanging around like a bad smell, it often feels like we’re never able to travel as much as we’d like. But does this need to be the case? There’s a chance that most of us are capable of exploring more if we make a few adjustments. Here’s how you do it.

Make the Most of Long Weekends

You might only have a handful of weeks in which you’re authorized to be away from work, but these aren’t the only days you have to yourself. Whichever country you live in, you’re going to have a large number of national holidays, where you have no obligations to anyone! So why not use these days to travel? If you have the Friday and Monday off work, then you can leave on a Thursday night and spend a good few days exploring. That’s more than enough time to go somewhere within a 3-4 hours flight away.

Set up a Base

Sometimes, it’s not that we don’t have the time to get away: it’s just that we lack an ounce of motivation. And it’s a fair point; organizing flights and accommodation can be a little stressful. You can get around this by buying a home overseas. You’ll quickly get into the flow of forever flying in and out of the same airport, and you’ll always have accommodation there whenever you need it. The key is to pick a place that allows you to explore other places, too. If you look at villas for sale in Estepona, for instance, then you’ll have the whole of Southern Spain, Portugal, and even Northern Africa within easy reaching distance. Oh, and you’ll always have a place to top up your tan, too.

Give Up One Luxury

For some people, it’s not time or motivation that’s the issue; it’s money. And that’s another fair point because travelling isn’t always inexpensive! To save up money for your travels, look at giving up one expensive luxury. You might find your drowning in cash pretty quickly, all because you gave up your weekly trip to the pub or that restaurant you like. Sure, you’ll miss those evenings…but it’ll be worth it when you’re travelling.

Closer to Home

You can also rethink about what travelling is, too. It doesn’t have to be a different country – you can travel in your own country, and even your own city. As long as you’re throwing yourself into life and trying new things, then you’ll get something out of it, and you won’t have to spend too much time planning the trip, either.

Don’t Overthink

Finally, remember not to overthink or over plan your travel adventures. You might never go! If you see an opportunity to go somewhere new, then take it, and you’ll find you’re travelling with much more frequency.

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