Weekend Activities Even The Kids Will Enjoy

It can be hard to find time to spend with our family in this busy modern world, but the weekend is the perfect opportunity to stop what we’re doing and make the most of the precious time we have with your kids. Of course, our little ones might be more than content watching films for hours on end or trashing the house playing around the house , but we don’t want them to do that all weekend. There’s a chance they’d get bored of sitting in front of a screen all day anyway (it’s probably unlikely). That isn’t to say we can’t all cuddle together and watch a film on Netflix as a family, for example. Sometimes that’s nice. But the point is that it’s nice to go on adventures together as a family. It can be tough to find an activity that’ll keep everybody happy, so here are some ideas for things you could do on the weekend that even the kids will enjoy.

Take a weekend break

A weekend break could be a great way for you and your family to spend some time together on the weekend. There’s nothing like a holiday to really bring people together (and to help the family relax after a busy week at work and school). You could even go wild and book a short stay at a luxury ski chalet in the French Alps. Why wait for the school break at summer or winter to organise a fun trip for the family? If you have a weekend spare then you could squeeze in a mini holiday. Even spending such a short amount of time together can really help a family to bond. You’ll be making memories on a mini adventure.

You don’t even have to jet off to some sunny location if you feel you don’t have the time or money for that. You could simply hop in the car with your family and go on a road trip. Visit local areas that you’ve never really explored before. Maybe you could take the family to see a performance at the theatre rather than watching a film at the cinema; the kids might enjoy a different form of entertainment to usual (and the adults might enjoy it too, for that matter). You could even turn the road trip into a camping trip if you can find a nice camping spot surrounded by nature.

Entertain yourselves at home

There’s no excuse not to spend time with your family at the weekend. Obviously, you might not have time to do so every weekend, but you should be able to find time here and there to do fun things as a family. And entertaining yourselves at home is the perfect solution if you don’t have the money for a weekend trip or a day out. Maybe it’s nothing to do with money – maybe the weather is bad and you’ve found yourselves housebound. Whatever the case, there’s always a way to have fun as a family at home. You could play board games, have a family film-and-takeaway night, or have a BBQ in the garden (if the weather ends up being pleasant).

The point is that there’s always something to do at home; you don’t always have to go out to have fun. Obviously, everybody wants a little alone time now and then, but you should make sure that the members of your family aren’t isolating themselves in their rooms for the entire weekend. Whether you have little toddlers or growing teenagers, you can find some activity that everybody in the house will enjoy. Throw around ideas until you find something that both the kids and the parents want to do.

Walk around your local park

Again, you don’t have to arrange an extravagant activity in order to keep your kids happy at the weekend. Something as simple as a walk around your local park could be a fun way for the family to spend time together. At the first sign of sun, you should take the family out to the park and bring a frisbee with you. If you’re feeling ambitious then you could even take a few tennis rackets with you and have a mini family tournament. It’s easy to arrange a fun activity with your family if you get a little creative with your approach.

Hopefully, these ideas have given you a little inspiration. Two days might not sound like much, but you can fit a lot of activities into the space of a weekend.

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  1. We love a weekend break. We’ve done a few to cities that are fairly close to us. Evie enjoys the novelty of staying in a hotel! #stayclassymama

  2. We love getting out on the weekend and finding adventure. Though we really only do it when the weather is nicer. Otherwise the afternoon of cuddling up with a movie is great fun too. We’ve recently discovered my kids like more complicated card games. We have Sleeping Queens and Bears Vs. Babies. The girls love spending a few hours playing cards with us – which is so much fun!

  3. Love this! Sometimes you don’t have the funds or time for a real getaway. I adore the film and takeaway night, the barbecue in the backyard.. we are big homebodies so evenings and weekends in are our favorite!

  4. This is a really lovely post with a great message behind it. Sometimes I dread the weekend if we have no outings planned because I just feel like bedtime is never coming and there is no respite for me. But this has inspired me to embrace some family time and play some games together. #stayclassymama

  5. We love a great adventure, out and about town, exploring the woods, searching for new things on our hikes. What a great post! Thank you, Pat! #stayclassymama xoxo

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