5 Tips For Planning A Romantic Weekend Away

Are you in need of a romantic weekend away with your partner? Perhaps you are craving some relaxing adult time after the hectic Easter holidays entertaining the kids, or maybe you have a birthday or celebration on the horizon? To keep your relationship happy any excuse for a romantic weekend away should be at the top of your priorities.

Spending a long weekend together does wonders for a relationship and can put the spark back into a relationship that has become a little stale. Often the mundane rituals of our lives can make us slip into doing the same things, week in and week out. Getting away from it all and experiencing pastures new can rejuvenate how we feel about each other.

Careful planning is essential to find the perfect break to suit both parties, otherwise the opposite effect could occur! To prevent anything spoiling your break away you may have considered the question “is there anyway to delay a period before my holiday?” Thankfully there are options available if you plan in plenty of time.  

The following tips will help you to plan the perfect romantic break.

Research destinations together

Booking a surprise weekend away may sound romantic, however your idea of the perfect destination may not be your partners. A better option would be to research the choice of destination together. The planning process itself is exciting, allowing you to communicate together and look forward to the break.

What do you both want from the break and what is your partner’s idea of a romantic weekend away? Your partner may imagine camping under the stars as being romantic whereas you may want to relax in a luxurious five star hotel! Your budget will need to be considered, as well as whether you wish to stay in your home country or travel abroad.

Make sure both your passports are in date!

Famously romantic or quiet and remote?

venice sunset

There are certain cities in the world that are renowned for being classically romantic destinations. Venice offers romance in abundance with its imposing, gothic architecture, intimate alleyways and winding trips on Gondolas through the cities canals. Days can be spent sipping coffee in St Mark’s Square and visiting the many historical sights. Watch the sunset from a rooftop terrace and book a table in one of the fabulous restaurants offering the best in Italian cuisine.

Paris is another classic destination for a romantic break. Paris is home to some of the most romantic hotels in the world, filled with opulence and charm. The views in Paris are amazing as well as the places of interest to visit. What could be more romantic than enjoying a delicious French dinner whilst overlooking a view of the Champs Elysee or Eiffel tower? Other classically romantic destinations include Barcelona, Prague, Seville and Bruges to name a few.

Although classically romantic the previously mentioned destinations also have a tendency to get extremely busy especially as they are popular weekend break destinations. Additionally if you are visiting these tourist hotspots you will want to visit all the sights the city has to offer. This doesn’t really add up to a romantic break spending quality time together, as you are likely to spend the whole time hopping on and off public transport or standing in queues. If this is your idea of the ideal romantic break – perfect, Otherwise you may wish to consider a more quiet and remote destination.

There are many stunning remote destinations well off the tourist track, if you are prepared to travel long haul. However you only have 3 days and don’t want to spend the whole time travelling. You could consider booking a spa break, a cosy cottage in the country or travel up to the Scottish Highlands. Research small romantic hotel getaways tucked away somewhere remote, you will be surprised at the choice.


Book a table

romantic dinner

Try to be organised for at least one of the nights away together by booking a table at a restaurant. This gives you a focus and will make sure you avoid frantically searching for a restaurant with a table free. Look for restaurant reviews in the area and really push the boat out. Another romantic food option is afternoon tea, which is available at most large hotels. Afternoon tea has the advantage of not being too heavy (depending on how much you eat!), therefore avoiding the risk of falling into a carbohydrate induced sleep by 7pm, which is not your aim on a romantic break!

Other activities that you could book ahead include boat trips, spa treatments and trips to the theatre.

What to pack

You are only going on a short break, so you don’t need to pack everything but the kitchen sink. However a romantic weekend break requires a little more thought than a hiking weekend in the lakes. Depending on where you are travelling to and what activities you are planning will affect your choice of day time clothes. When the sun sets however, you really need to glam it up! A little black dress is always a good option, which can be dressed up with accessories. You will need at least two evening outfits and don’t forget your heels!

Lingerie, the more sensual and lacey the better. You could wrap them as a gift for your partner! If you have a spa treatment included or your hotel has a swimming pool, remember your swimwear.

Before you go …

Before you set off on your romantic break book an appointment at the hair salon to get your locks looking their best. Book treatments at the beauty salon for waxing, manicures and pedicures, maybe consider having a spray tan? Whatever treatments you choose your aim is to feel your best and look amazing. Your partner will truly appreciate the effort and hopefully they will have made the effort too!

Wherever you choose to go and whatever you choose to do, just simply enjoy each others company and relax.   

Love, P




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  1. Booking a table is a simple but genius idea! Though currently my husband has wound me up so much you’d have to pay me to have a romantic weekend away with him! I’m sure he’ll redeem himself soon. #stayclassymama

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