Treat Yourself to a Lazy Holiday

People always say that typical “holiday” holidays are overdone. The kind where you just sit around and sip mojitos at the beach while catching some rays onto your back, letting your brain just take the back seat while laying about takes priority over everything. Sure you have people sometimes telling you that if you do nothing in particular on your holidays, they won’t be memorable and will leave your memory quicker than algebra leaving your 15-year-old self, but who cares? It’s not the first or last time you’re going to be on holidays is it? Mindless relaxing holidays are an absolute necessity sometimes.

Everyday life in the city surely but slowly, depending on your situation maybe even quickly, grinds you down. The constant rush to avoid the rush, the traffic, the delayed trains, the breaking down buses, the long cafe queue at lunchtime. The list goes on and on, and we just take it head-on. We’ve gotten so used to being stressed on a daily basis that we now accept it as something normal, which only really goes to show how questionable the state of society is as we know it. This in itself is why you need some mindless holiday lazing about at times.

If you’re short for ideas, read on for some great ideas on how to unleash your holiday lazy self.

A scenic river cruise

After all, why walk when you can have something the size of a few limousines do it for you? Travelling by boat is surely nowhere near as common nowadays as it was back when we didn’t have planes available for use to just about everyone, and rather than feeling like a chore, it now feels like more of a novelty to be on one more than anything. If you go out and research a river cruise on a website such as then you too can possibly experience the gentle yet firm rocking of the boat, riding every wave that comes your way, and enjoying the scenery while passing by. A proper boat cruise certainly has a charm that cannot be replicated by just about any other means of transport, and if you’re feeling like you want to relax on your future lazy holidays in style, then this is just the thing.

Summer cocktails

Be guilt-free

Rather than feeling bad about everything you do because “oh no I should really be working right now”, kick back and enjoy some guilt-free quality time. Rather than thinking about what you should do in the next hour to “make the most of your holiday”, just sit back in your beach chair, order another Pina Colada while relaxing by the pool or at the beach, and have a nap. Waking up with a weird fuzzy mouth included, this is the perfect way to truly prove to both others and yourself that you are on holiday, and nothing can stop you from enjoying them.

Indulge in your hobbies

If you are lucky enough to have hobbies which are portable enough to bring with you on holiday, then consider yourself lucky because gardening on your holidays in Ibiza is not always the easiest thing to accomplish. Whether you want to read books, play video games on your phone, draw or knit while you sit around baking in the sun, it’s time you went and did just that. After all, what better time for that is there?

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Treat yourself to a lazy holiday

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  1. I am not very good at relaxing holidays but I do love to read and once I relax I become much nore creative which I love. I spend time writing and photographing and sewing. I can’t see this kind of a holiday happening for a few years yet though!

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