What I Like to Pack for a day at the Beach

As most of you already know I love spending time at the beach and during the Summer there is nowhere else I would rather be with my family than at the beach. We always have the most amazing time. Of course a day at the beach needs to be properly planned and packed to ensure the most stress free and enjoyable day possible. Here’s what I like to take with me for a day at the beach:

Big Tote Bag

I always make sure to take a big tote bag that allows me to throw in everyone’s bits. We already have to carry the kids beach toys separately so a big tote ensures there is no need for extra backpacks/bags. I prefer canvas or straw bags rather than leather bags to take to the beach. Canvas bags are great because they are washable and straw bags are super resistant.

Beach Towel

A big beach towel is an absolute essential in my beach bag. One of my pet hates in life is lying down on beach towel that is not quite big enough and have my feet hanging down on the sand. I hate it! The sand gets really hot in the summer so there is nothing worse than having to have your feet in the burning sand. Also I need to be able to spread all my things on it – magazine, water, phone, snacks…


This is quite a recent discovery for me but I love it and it’s now and make sure I always take mine to the beach. A dryrobe is great because it’s essentially a portable changing room. How many times have you had to leave the beach/pool in a hurry because one of your kids is having a huge meltdown or you have run out of water/snacks? It has happened to me quite a few times (the tantrum that goes on and on…. rather than the lack of food/drink) and there is nothing worse that having to get dressed when your swimsuit isn’t quite dry yet. Changing the kids is no problem but getting myself changed under a towel while minding the littles is not always the easiest thing to do hence why I love my dryrobe.


I wear sunscreen on my face all year around so as you can tell already sunscreen is probably the most important item in my beach bag. I normally take one for my face, one for my body and two for the kids (one sunblock and the other just very high SPF). Also I like to have a spf lip balm at hand.


Well of course I take sunglasses to the beach but I normally leave my expensive ones at home and take cheaper versions just in case they get ruined in the sand and/or lost

Swimming costume

I like wearing no fuss, no padding swimming suits or bikinis. They need to be comfortable, and not too revealing so that I can move around and play with the kids without constantly worrying if I’m flashing!


Because sometimes you need to pop to the loo or just grab a quick bite to eat/drink from the bar and I hate walking around in my swimming costume. I choose something simple, lightweight and long enough so I can wear it as a dress.


I prefer sandals you can easily slip into without ties or straps because I know I have to put them on/take them off many times during the day.

Belt Bag

A belt bag is particularly useful if I take the kids to the beach on my own. I don’t mind leaving toys, towels, food and bag behind when the kids want to go for a swim or if i need to take them to the toilet. This way I can take all the important things (phone, money,  car keys) with me and still be hands free.

There you have it. All the things I like to pack for a day at the beach. What are your beach essentials? Let me know in the comments below.

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Packing for a day at the beach - essentials

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  1. These are great tips! I love a big bag, as long as I don’t have to carry it too far from the car. Now that my kids are bigger they could each carry a bag (if we’re bringing that much stuff.) I can’t wait for summer!!

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