Unleash your Inner Retro Goddess with a High Waist Bikini this Summer

It’s no secret that as much as I love a good trend I’m more of a classic/intemporal fashion kind of person. When it comes to swimwear it’s the same and I like my swimwear to be simple, well fitted, flattering and most importantly to stay in place to avoid unwanted flashing!

I have always loved high waisted bikinis and their retro vibe. Just think back to how amazing Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe looked in theirs. So stylish and classy.

The high waisted silhouette emphasizes each and every beautiful curve of a woman’s body, making it the most traditionally feminine suit on the market while being also perfect for disguising what a lots of women believe to be their problem area: their tummy. Hence helping to boost everyone’s confidence at the beach.

Also, if you are a mother (like me) and you love wearing a bikini, a high waisted bikini will make it less likely to lose your bottoms when you are messing around with your kiddies in the sea/pool (trust me it does happen!!!!). So all in all the perfect style if you ask me.

As much as I love them I have to be honest and say that when high waist bikinis came back into fashion a couple of years ago I wasn’t very impressed with their design and thought they looked a little frumpy. Thankfully that’s changed now and high waist bikinis are as beautiful and trendy as you wish them to be and you can get them in huge variety of designs, colours and patterns.

High Waist Bikini Style Inspiration

If you are not convinced yet, let me persuade you with this gallery of super stylish high waist bikini style inspiration I have found around pinterest.

Did I convince you? I hope so. Ultimately I believe high waist bikinis are great for boosting my confidence at the beach and when you feel confident you look confident so why the hell not? Just give it a go this summer and unleash your inner retro goddess.

Love, P



**This is a collaborative post. For more information please head over to my disclosure page.


Retro and Chic_ The High Waisted Bikini Trend

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