5 Ways to Tell if Your Job Is Holding You Back

There is a huge world out there, with so much to see and so much to experience. Most people reserve their vacations for the allotted time that their job gives them, which doesn’t leave much room for many experiences. A job is something that you need to get by, to pay bills and to give you something to aim for. But if your job is pulling you down and anchoring you to your desk, then there’s a problem. A lot of people out there are addicted to achieving and climbing the corporate ladder, but while you are making your living, what are you giving up in return? And more importantly, why?

Okay, so you need your job for the salary, but does it give you joy? Does it make you want to leap out of bed in the morning and get up and go? If it doesn’t, you need to decide what you want to achieve from life – not just your job. If you want true happiness, then you need to slough off the anchor that is your corporate job and give into that wanderlust that keeps you drooling over the sunshine destinations in the vacation brochures. You have to stop work from taking over your life and being the only thing that matters, and if you have a love of travel then you need to read a travellers guide to a virtual office. We live in a world that is digitally lead, which means that you can still be at work wherever you go. Sure, take some time to actually relax and vacation, but remote working can give you a flexibility that you never thought possible. No dreary commute. No more office politics. No more constricting office wardrobe, either. Just you, your laptop and the plane ticket to your dreams. Your job doesn’t have to be the thing that holds you back from everything else, you just have to find the right job that can offer you the level of freedom that would make you happier.

We are the generation of entrepreneurs. The standard 9-5 is no longer the norm, not when remote working and flexible hours are making so many waves across all industries. Sure, there are jobs out there that you have to physically attend, but not all of them are like that anymore. So, how can you tell if your job is holding you back from truly living your life?

You Dream Of Working Less But Earning The Same

It’s a normal vision, really. You want to work less hours, but you don’t want to compromise your salary or your lifestyle that your salary affords you. It’s easy to take overtime here and there, but then you realise you’re working a sixty-hour week and you don’t have any fun anymore because you’re just too tired. If you’re opening your payslip every month and wondering what it’s all for, you need to have a chat with your boss. There’s every chance that the life of remote working is right in front of you and you just haven’t asked for it. When you work remotely, your hours are built around you. There’s no more office standard; just you, your technology and your time stretched ahead of you. You can build your hours around your life, not your life around your hours.

You Dream Of Choosing Your Day

Carrying on from the point about working remotely, you can achieve so much in your time when you’re not confined to an office all day. You can book your own vacations whenever you want, because as long as your work is done you can travel wherever makes you happy. Imagine sitting on a deck overlooking the oceans while you finish your work day at 2pm. It doesn’t sound possible, does it? Thankfully, remote working is becoming the standard. Employers get far more out of their staff by offering remote working environments. People are more motivated than ever when they have an employer who wants the best for them. If your job isn’t flexible, start researching a field that can offer you what you want.

You Dream Of Working For You

Being your own boss is a great way of shaking off the work anchor and getting out in the world. It has never been easier to start your own company, and you can do it from today if you wanted to. Network marketing, Etsy – you name it, you can do it. With social media being on the rise, you get the chance to do so much more with your life and you can use the internet to get you there.

You Dream Of Like-Minded Colleagues

If the people in your current job are constantly telling you that this is your lot, you need to get out of there. There is no reason to surround yourself with negativity on purpose; there’s enough of that in the world as it is. If you’re talking to friends and family and they refer to your job as being the place you’re ‘still’ working, that incredulous tone and surprise should be paid attention to. You need to be ready to dust off the comments and get researching jobs that are going to make you happy, not ones that are going to leave people surprised that you’re still bothering.

You Dream Of Walking Away

You know that daydream on the packed commute? The one where you don’t have to sardine yourself onto a train carriage every day and you can still live the life you want? Yeah, it’s likely that you’re just done. Done with working the vision and hours that someone else has dictated that you should. Done with trying to push yourself through a rigid day with no flexibility for a life. If you’re dreaming this, it’s time to move on entirely.

Finding a job that will serve your desire for indulging wanderlust and travelling the globe is the way you should be dreaming. If you want to have more from life than just an anchor of work, then you have to go out and grab it with both hands.

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