Why You Should Live In Singapore… At Least For A Little While

If you want to spend time in an Asian country, Singapore is an essential stop on your travels. Thousands of Westerners visit that nation every year, and there are some fantastic things to see and do with your time. However, if you decide to stay anywhere in Asia for a few months, it’s essential that you consider the cost of accommodation and the lifestyle you can expect. Considering that, this article will draw your attention towards some of the most significant reasons you’re going to love living in Singapore, even if only for a short while. By the time you get to the bottom of this page; you should have no doubts left in your mind about the best country for you in Asia today.

Singapore Airlines is one of the safest in the world

While many countries in the region like Malaysia have notoriously dangerous airlines where crashes happen frequently, Singapore Airlines is consistently one of the safest in the world. That means you should have no concerns when it comes from getting from your country of origin to this location. Flight prices are also much lower than most people imagine, and you can usually fly for around half the price you would pay when visiting places like Thailand. However, that comes down to from which country you plan to travel. Still, it’s nice to know you’re in safe hands and there is no need to stress. Just make sure you book any flights at least three months in advance or at the last-minute for the best deals.

The education system in Singapore is great

Anyone who intends to take children along for the trip will want to know more about the education system in Singapore. Thankfully, it’s rated as the best in the world, and there are many English schools for foreigners. However, your children could attend a local school with children from the town or city because most of them will also speak the English language. The UK government once had a hold over Singapore, and so there is a lengthy history of collaboration between the two states. That makes it much easier for Westerners to get around and deal with the local customs. There is always someone about willing to assist with anything if you get stuck.

The food in Singapore will blow you away

Unlike places like China where citizens tend to eat anything that moves, those living in Singapore developed an exciting and succulent national cuisine over many years. You’ll find hundreds of fantastic restaurants where you can tuck into some of the tastiest dishes in all of Asia. There are also some brilliant cafes and bars where you can stop off and grab a snack during your adventures. Just bear in mind that restaurants in Singapore are high-end, and so they tend to become full somewhat quickly. With that in mind, it’s always sensible to search online for the best eateries and book your table in advance to avoid disappointment. However, there is never a need to worry about the price because the food is always cheap in this country.

There are lots of houses and apartments available

You won’t have to look far to identify an affordable house rental in Singapore. The country is currently in the middle of a housing boom, and so there are hundreds of empty apartments and homes available at the moment. You just need to search online before you plan to travel and identify the best real estate agents. You can then arrange for them to meet you in Singapore and show you around some of the properties you could rent. Getting a house in Singapore is straightforward for foreigners, and you won’t have to jump through the same hoops you would face in countries like China or Japan. Rental prices are also much lower than most folks expect.

Salaries are high in Singapore compared to other Asian countries

People who decide to pack up their things and live in Singapore for a while will probably need to earn some money during their stay. That is not an issue for business owners or people who work using the internet. However, some of you might need to seek out traditional means of employment. Few rules affect travellers so long as you apply for the correct Visa. Wages in Singapore are much higher than the average for Asian countries, and there are lots of thriving businesses in the cities. You just need to check out specialist websites or the local newspapers to read about vacancies and take a look at your options. Western people tend to do well in Singapore because they are somewhat of a novelty for large corporations. So, you might get a job where your only role is to attend meetings and look like a Westerner.

Crime rates in Singapore are low

Nobody wants to spend time living in a country where there is a lot of criminal activity. In the Asian world, travellers are usually the first people to get ripped off by less than honest people, and so it’s good to know that Singapore is safe. The penalties for breaking laws in that country are more severe than the ones you might encounter in other places around the world. That helps to act as a deterrent that prevents people from committing a crime. For instance, the penalties for possession of even a small amount of cannabis can range up to and include the death sentence. While that might sound crazy, it works because Singapore is one of the safest places on the planet.

With all that information in mind, you should have a better understanding of why Singapore should go at the top of your considerations list this year. Some people have no desire to spend time living abroad, and that’s not an issue. However, if you’re one of those folks who loves to explore and try new experiences, Singapore is going to blow you away. So, now you just need to conduct a lot of research and put your plans in place. Enjoy!

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