Let’s Talk Lingerie

Okay, ladies, let’s talk lingerie. You probably have some amazingly comfortable bras in the basket in your closet, but how many of those bras actually fit you? A good portion of you out there are currently wearing a bra that doesn’t fit your body shape, breast shape or back size properly, and you won’t be too aware of that because you’re so used to just going up or down a size as they feel comfortable.

Do your breasts overflow the cup of the bra? Does the strap ride up your back? Are you comfortable? I bet you said yes, right? If so, you’re among the 80% or so women who are wearing the wrong size, and it’s not your fault! There are so many different shapes of a bra: balcony, t-shirt, full cup, half cup, front fasten, back fasten. There’s also a lot of different sizes on the shelf. Now, unless you’ve been a previous breast augmentation patient, your boobs are very likely to change size and regularly. Losing weight, gaining weight, having a baby and breastfeeding can all transform the size and even the shape of your breasts. But here’s the thing: wearing a bra that doesn’t fit you properly can make you look saggy, not supported, like you think you look. Wearing the right size doesn’t just feel comfortable, it’ll make your boobs look amazing and make your confidence soar.

A good bra in your lingerie collection can make you look and feel more attractive, and let’s face it, who doesn’t want to feel good about themselves? It’s not just about the support your boobs need, it’s about your own confidence and the way that your clothes hang on your body. You are a beautiful, feminine woman and you should feel that way every single day. A good bra can make that happen for you. It’s a fashion accessory as essential as a pair of Manolo’s. A bra that is the wrong size or shape can even change the shape of your chest. Imagine having a large elastic band squeezing your boobs down on a daily basis? Well, eventually that pressure is going to change your boobs, and too tight or too loose, a bra can have the same effect.

You don’t have to match your bra to your knickers every single time but ensuring that the bra that you do choose to wear every day should be the right shape for your boobs and give you the right cleavage. A bra that doesn’t fit you correctly can lead to chafing and irritation, and there’s really no need to get to that point. Some stores will still fit bras the old way, adding or taking away up to four inches off the band and changing the cup. Check out this website for the right way to get measured and you can start wearing the bras that were meant for your boobs. Your lingerie should make you feel beautiful, so let’s get it right from the start.

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