Travel Hacks For The Health Conscious

Travelling is the escapade of a lifetime. We all know it’s an amazing experience, or at least that is what we are led to believe. With non-stop sightseeing and partying on the agenda, it can’t be too bad. Globetrotting isn’t all rainbows and picnics though, as being away from home can skew your perspective. Instead of keeping fit and healthy, there will be a temptation to indulge and forget about your well-being. Health conscious explorers want to avoid this at all costs, but it isn’t straightforward. Here are four travel hacks to help you stay healthy on the road. Bon voyage and good luck!

Catch Some Zs

As soon as the plane hits the tarmac, your body will feel as if it has run a marathon. All you have done is sit in a chair, watch TV and eat, yet the journey has taken its toll nonetheless. Travelling through time zones is incredibly tiring as it messes with the body’s internal clock. Don’t fight the feeling to sleep or power through. Instead, make sure you get to your accommodation, check in and hit the hay. That way, your body will be refreshed and ready to tackle the long trip. Sleep is vital for the entirety of the journey.

Give It Up

In honesty, there’s going to be a lot of alcohol and drugs lying around and you may partake. If you are going to indulge, it makes sense to knock the most dangerous habits on the head. For example, if you want to have a glass of wine or two, try and quit tobacco. It’s incredibly difficult when there is a party atmosphere, yet it’s possible with an e-cig. There is an age-old debate about smoking vs vaping; however, vaping is far healthier. Just make sure you go down through the levels to combat your addiction.

Stretch It Out

Exercise can be hard to come by when you spend the day hitting the tourist traps. Even when you have some free time, it isn’t like you can go to the gym. You don’t have any equipment! The good news is that you can workout in a hostel or hotel room without any fuss or hassle. All you have to do is stretch your arms, legs, back and any other major muscle groups. Yoga is low-tech and high-intensity and will burn plenty of excess calories. Remember that walking is a great way to stay fit and healthy, too.

Walk, Walk, Walk

Major cities have fantastic transport links, and they make it easier to hop on a bus or an inner-city train. However, using public transport limits your walking opportunities. To walk everywhere, you have to resist the urge to hail a cab and hit the bricks. Of course, there’s no need to trek tens of miles because that’s pretty insane. But, if the nearest attraction is 1km away, you should explore the city rather than watch out of a bus window. Keep a bottle of H2O on your person at all times.

How do you plan on staying healthy, the next time you travel?

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