5 Destinations that are Like Nowhere Else on Earth

Wherever we travel, it’s always, always possible to get “under the skin” of the destination and discover all of its beauties and curiosities. But it’s also true that if you’ve seen a few European squares, then you’ve seen them all. They’re still enjoyable to visit, but they’re unlikely to continually inspire and surprise (unless you’re easily inspired and surprised, that is). Some destinations don’t have this problem. These places are so unique, so inspiring, that whether it’s your first or fifth time visiting, you’re going to have the “well, this is special” feeling.

The North

Part of “the North’s” charm – and by that, we mean Norway, Sweden, and Iceland – is that, while it’s so close to mainland Europe, it remains relatively untouched. Take Iceland. It’s a short and inexpensive flight from the UK, but if you visit, you’ll find that you have most places all to yourself! This is a wonderful thing because it means you can enjoy the “otherness” of it without being stood in a crowd of people. Probably the aptest way to describe these zones is to say that it’s a bit like Game of Thrones…but more beautiful? Who knows – see it for yourself!

The Far East

If you want to feel like you’ve been transported into the future, then book a flight to Japan. Japan is a fascinating country in many regards, and especially so when it comes to its cities. You might think, with some justification, that London is a modern city, but spend a few days in Tokyo. And it’s not just the biggest city that is utterly unique, either – it’s a feeling that permeates the entire country. To get the most out of your trip, it’ll help if you’re with a tour, so take a look at the travel options available at https://www.gadventures.com/destinations/asia/japan/. Japan’s otherness and magic always have a positive, lasting effect on people – it may just change your life.

All of India

If you can think of a place that provides a bigger culture shock for people from the west than India, we’d love to hear it! Land in one of its biggest cities, and you’ll experience a kind of sensory overload. Sights, smells, colour, a sense of madness and chaos: it’ll all hit you. Of course, this is not a bad thing; quite the opposite. You’ll be acutely aware that you’re in a place the likes of which you’ve never visited before. Once you settle into how things work, you’ll be able to appreciate the finer details of the enchanting country.

The Great West

Did you know that Elon Musk is planning to send people to Mars? Well, we have news for you, Elon: there’s no need! Take a trip to Colorado and Utah, and you’ll see landscapes that look like they’re straight from Mars, or some other planet, in any case. Red rock formations, towering mountains, and a sandy atmosphere. It’s all beautiful, of course, well worthy of an epic road trip!

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