Want To Move This Year? Tips for Making Moving a Breeze

One of the hardest things we can do in life is buy/sell a home and move. It is never going to be easy packing up your whole life and take it from one place to another. But, there are, of course, so many reasons why people need to do this. They may want to get on the property ladder, need more space for a growing family, or simply need to change the area in which they live. So if you plan on moving this year don’t worry. I have all the steps you need to take to make it a breeze.

Consider your new home when packing

Let’s be honest, packing is not always the most fun thing to do. I am not sure whether the actual packing or the unpacking is the least fun part of it, however, you can make things easier on yourself. A useful tip would be to consider the new place when packing up your old one. If you know what ornaments and trinkets you want to go in your new home, then pack them in a box and label it the right room for your new place. This will make the whole process fun, from the packing and imagining your new place, to the ease of unpacking at the other end.

Don’t feel like it is a cop-out hiring the experts

It isn’t easy moving. The heavy lifting the maneuvering of furniture through door frames, and the general upheaval of it. It is certainly not a cop-out if you decide to hire some of the professionals to do the hard work for you. Companies like Bekins Moving Solutions can make the whole process much simpler. Enabling you to actually enjoy the moving process rather than feel stressed and overwhelmed by it. After all, it should be seen as a time to make memories.

Think about your first day and night in your property

What we can often fail to think about, is the first day and night in the property. We can be so consumed with packing and making sure everything gets from one place to the other, that actually once you are in your new place, you can then be searching for those essential things you need there and then. Instead, why not pack up an emergency box where you have everything you could possibly need for the first 24 hours. It might include a kettle and toaster, a few cups and cutlery. Even your clothes and toiletries that you might need. Every little bit of organisation could help make the process much easier.

Be super organised with paperwork and your itinerary

Finally, it can be hard to stay on top of all the paperwork you need for the house, and to even have an itinerary for moving day, but keeping yourself sane is the name of the game, so do what it takes to remain organised with every aspect of the process. You will be thankful for it if you suddenly need some papers or feel like the process is slipping out of your control.

I hope that these steps help you make the move easier to handle.

Love, P

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