How to Host An Unforgettable Party

Are you planning on holding a party in the next few months? Parties are something everyone looks forward to at the end of a tough week and it is the perfect place to spend time with your friends and let your hair down. Of course, parties come in all shapes and sizes, but if you want your party to be one which stands out for years to come, here’s how you do it…

Get Planning

Once you have decided what the party is for: a birthday, anniversary, Halloween… you need to work out when and where you will hold the party. Most people will opt for small parties in their own home or even parties at local function rooms. However, if you want people to remember your evening you may want to do something different. There are such things as party houses which you can hire for the night and have a party in a huge stately home or mansion. It will mean you can go crazy with the decor, have some fun with the food and even have fireworks if you fancy. It will sure be a night everyone will remember for a long time!

The Theme

Themed parties aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but they can be a great laugh and make it easier for you to plan out your party too. You could opt for a classic fancy dress theme or make things a little more specific. A popular theme is murder mystery. You can buy murder mystery games online and then assign a character to each guest, they will dress up and then you can spend the evening trying to work out who the killer is amongst your party.

Food and Drink

Decide what type of food you want for the party. You may want to make a dinner party style meal if you have a small number of guests, however if you have a large amount of people coming you won’t want to be cooking fresh meals on the night. A great idea for parties is to either offer a buffet with finger food or a large crock pot meal with side dishes such as a big pot of curry or chilli which people can help themselves to throughout the night.

Drinks are pretty easy. If you know what your guests like to drink you can simply take a trip to Costco and stock up on lots of different alcoholic drinks and soda. If you want to make things a little more fancy you can hire a cocktail bar to come to the venue and serve drinks throughout the night.

On The Night

When the day finally arrives for your party, you will want to get all of the decorations up early in the morning to save you worrying later on in the day. Once you’ve done this, prepare any food you are making and get it ready for putting out later on. Once you are prepped get yourself ready and let your hair down for the night!

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