The Best Bed For Battle With Your Children

Any parent knows that putting the kids to bed can be a nightmare. Most families have at least one child who tries to avoid sleep. Most have cunning ploys to stop us sending them to the land of Nod. It can make life tough for everyone, not least the child who’s fighting sleep. If they succeed in their goal often enough, their health and schoolwork could start to suffer for it. After all, sleep is essential if we want to function on a daily basis. Your child may not have grasped that concept, but you’re old enough to know better.

With that in mind, consider the ways in which you can convince your child to put their head down when the time comes. One sure-fire way to do that is to get them a bed they can’t resist. But, what makes a decent bed for a kid like yours? Read on to find out.

Fun frames

For children who are reluctant to sleep, it may be worth injecting fun into bedtime. That doesn’t mean getting them excited just before they need to sleep, of course. But, by investing in a fun bed frame, you can make their bed a place they want to be. And, isn’t getting them into bed the hardest part of the nightly battle? The good news is, there are all sorts of fun frames out there, from race cars to Princess style creations. Search for something your child loves, and you’re sure to find a frame to that effect. Before you know it, your child will be showing their bed to all their friends, and jumping into it before you tell them. If you can’t find a frame, you could always attempt to achieve this same impact with duvet covers of their favorite characters.

Don’t forget comfort

As adults, we know the overwhelming joy of a comfortable bed. Who among us doesn’t use the phrase ‘I was out as soon as my head hit the pillow,’ on at least the odd occasion? Sadly, it’s not a phrase your child will be familiar with yet. But, you can at least set them in the right direction by providing a bed so comfortable they can’t resist it. Stock up on a comfortable mattress. Something like the Puffy mattress has two foam layers for increased comfort. During your search, you could look out for detailed specs on that option and many others. Think, too, about irresistible pillows with plenty of padding in them. And, don’t forget a duvet so soft it turns their legs to jelly the moment it’s resting over them.

What about size?

It’s also worth thinking about the size of your child’s bed. We don’t often consider this. But, if they’re used to sleeping in with you, it may be the confinement of their single bed that they hate so much. If that’s the case, it’s worth buying them a double bed of their own. That way, they hopefully won’t need to sleep in yours anymore!

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