Holidaying in the French Riviera: What to Do and See in Nice

Is there anything better than planning a family holiday? It’s definitely perfect for daydreaming and we all know how much I love doing that!

Every year we plan a few summer trips ( I know I can hear you whispering under your breath ‘lucky you’). One with the inlaws, one with my family and one just the four of us. We never do anything too lavish because with the children in tow it just doesn’t feel possible yet but we love travelling around Europe and Portugal. Portugal is the easiest for us because we can just drive everywhere apart from when we want to visit the beautiful Portuguese Islands of course.

This year my mother in law suggested we look at renting a villa in Southern France. I have been to France, mainly Paris and the northern region, a fair bit before but I have never ventured to the South of France so I think it will be quite a lovely change of scenery for us all.

We have all come to an agreement that this year we will be holidaying in Nice. The South of France has some of the best weather in the world and Nice gets 300 days of sunshine per year. Amazing!

Did you know the number of museums in Nice is among the highest in all of France? I had no idea about this. I have always been a lover of art in every shape and form so being able to visit museums and galeries is always something quite high on my list of things I like to do on holiday. Of course now we have kids it’s not that easy but definitely doable. As long as we don’t try to see it all in one go it normally works out well and the kids always have a good time.

So the museums are a plus. Add to it great cuisine, rose wine, a perfect climate and plenty of Riviera glamour and you’ve got a very special place.

What to Do and See in Nice

Promenade des Anglais

promenade des anglais - Nice, France
Photo by John Jason on Unsplash

I love walking around soaking the summer sun and the idea of doing so at Promenade des Anglais is very appealing indeed. This vast paved promenade is possibly the most famous promenade in Nice and as you walk along you can not only enjoy the seaview but also spot some cool landmarks such as the Hôtel Negresco, the art-deco Palais de la Méditerranée (1929) and Niçoise sculptor Sabine Géraudie’s giant iron sculpture La Chaise de SAB (2014), which pays homage to the city’s famous blue-and-white beach chairs.

Vieille Ville (Old Town)

Nice France - Old Town
Photo by Nick Karvounis on Unsplash

The Vielle Ville has a narrow, ancient ambience that makes for a great wander around with plenty of restaurants, bars and quirky shops (I can see myself spending a very long time here). I’m definitely looking forward to photographing it’s narrow streets, colourful apartment blocks and gorgeous churches.

Parc de la Colline du Château

Parc de la Colline du Château

Here you will find some of the best panoramic views on the French Riviera. From here you can see over Nice and the azure sea in the Baie des Anges and pick out all of Nice’s landmarks. Apparently sunsets are particularly special from the hilltop as the city lights glow in sync with the falling sun. Now that’s something I really don’t want to miss. Maybe it should even be part of a romantic evening for hubby and I.

Musée Marc Chagall

I said before how much I love art. Marc Chagall is one of my favourite painters and of course to visit his museum has to be included in this trip. I’m actually really looking forward to taking my children there because I think they will love his work.

I read that Chagall was so involved in the design of this museum that he decided where each of his works would be placed, configured the layout of the gardens and designed the stained-glass windows in the concert hall. So really in many ways the museum is almost a work of art by itself. How amazing is that? No way I’m going to miss it.

Nice Cathedral


Does anyone else think that Europeans are a sucker for beautiful churches and cathedrals? I certainly am. I love visiting churches. There is something magical about them. The silence, the light, the figures, the opulence…

Nice’s Cathedral was built in the 17th century with a lavish baroque design, composed of ten highly ornate chapels with sculptures, paintings and gilding. In true baroque style I’m expecting the inside to be highly ornate and extravagante.

Cours Saleya Market

I’m a sucker for a pretty and colourful market as much for it’s fresh produce as for the amazing photographic opportunities they offer so I’m hoping we will be visiting the Cour Saleya market often while in Nice. Ideally I would be walking around sporting some casual yet super chic outfit and buying beautiful fruits, vegetables and flowers I would then store in my bicycle’s wicker basket before I ride back home. In reality though I think I will be trying to prevent the kids from eating the fruit from the market stalls and trying to round them up like sheep in order not to lose sight of them… Either way I’m sure it will be lovely.

Spend Time at the Beach

Nice, France - things to see and do
Photo by John Jason on Unsplash

Last but not the least is the beach. It is after all our summer holiday and we love to spend time at the beach. Apparently the beaches in Nice have the most stunning light blue coloured sea. I bet it’s stunning and makes a change from the deep dark blue coloured Atlantic waters we are used to. The beaches in Nice are all pebbly but I’m sure the kids won’t be put off by it. After all it gives my daughter a chance to collect more ‘babies’ (pebbles and shells) and my son loves to throw pebbles at the water and build forts. I’m sure they will have lots of fun and as for the adults we’ll just make sure we find some sun loungers. Sorted!

I’m sure that while we are in Nice we will be taking some day trips around the French Riviera but I haven’t planned that far yet!

Have you thought about your Summer holidays yet? Any idea where you might go? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, P




 **This is a collaborative post. For more information please head over to my disclosure page.


French Riviera_ What to do and see in Nice




 **This is a collaborative post. For more information please head over to my disclosure page.

Holidaying in the French Riviera_ What to do in Nice

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  1. It looks amazing and just stunning a friend went there last year and still talks about how much she loves it #stayclassymama

  2. I’ve been to the south of France, travelled round the north of France a bit but the south really appeals to me. That said we’re heading of to Turkey this year and have a couple of UK breaks to look forward to (one is 20 minutes away, but it’s still not home!!) #stayclassymama

  3. I LOVE Nice. Your pictures are beautiful. I remember it being quite hilly though so not ideal with a buggy. I know you are past all that though. I really recommend getting the train to Antibes, such a short trip from Nice, and visiting Picasso’s home there. Lovely part of the world. We hope to visit family in West Wales this summer and fingers crossed friends in Provence. #StayClassyMama

  4. Chagall is so gorgeous! I’m wondering why I didn’t go to that museum (it was 30 years ago so maybe it wasn’t there, or I just didn’t have the money…?) You’ve made me very wistful….#FortheloveofBLOG

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