Motherhood: Balancing The Now While Considering The Future

It’s easy to believe that there are two types of mothers in this world. The ones that are super concerned with progress, milestones and making sure their kids are head and shoulders above the rest. Then there are the other types, the happy go lucky hippy mums that are totally capable of being in the present and allowing the kids to get to their milestones there in their own sweet time. They are the one that it seems like nothing can phase! Of course, in real life, it’s a bit more complicated than that as we need to have the ability to do both. To help with this follow the advice below.

Enjoy the now

It can be pretty tough to enjoy the now when the little darlings are screaming their head off, and have been doing so for the last three hours! In fact, being anywhere else but here and now start to sound pretty appealing. However, it is worth realising that no matter how tough it gets childhood isn’t something that lasts forever. That means it important to make a treasure the enable bit when you can.

To do this, you might take a lot of picture and videos, or keep a journal of the first time your little one does things like loses a tooth, speaks, and walks. Even when they are a very small baby, you can use things like these milestone cards to help you appreciate the tiny achievement they are making every day for the first time.

Consider the future

The problem with being a parent is that it comes with a hell of a lot of responsibility. Not only for the wellbeing of your little one right now, but also in the future. A huge part of this is getting them access to the right sort of quality education. Whether this is in the near future with primary school or the more distant future with senior school.

In fact, discussing possibilities for long-term education is something that can never be done too soon. Just remember to do your research by checking out posts like the Educators’ guide to private schools, so you know about the advantages and disadvantages beforehand. Then you can start gently preparing yourself and your child for the future, now.

Enjoy the now

Kids grow up so fast these days that it’s definitely worth investing some time into doing fun stuff that they will think childish when they get a bit older. With that in mind embrace their request for princess or pirate parties and make the most of visiting any theme parks when they are young. The reason is that they really get on board with the magic and make-believe at this age.

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