The Eyes To Your Home: Shedding Light On The Perfect Window

Ironically, considering the number of times you look out of them (and your nosey neighbours look in), the windows are the most overlooked aspects of the home. While many people focus on the latest trends in home decor, little thought is put into the practicality and aesthetics of the window. Not only do they supply natural light and warmth into the home, but they also increase kerb appeal and can complement the interior design of each room in the house. So, we are here to shed a little light of our own, with a few handy pointers in how to pick the perfect windows.

Let there be light

Light can transform your home interior, turning a drab room into something bright and airy. Therefore, think about the size of your window, whether you go for a classic sash style, or a more modern design, such as a visually appealing picture window. Larger window panes will obviously allow in more light, but you may want to consider something that filters light, such as a Jalousie window, which operates like a glass shutter. Then there are skylights, bringing light in from above, and adding to the energy-efficiency of your home. There are many options available to you, with specific styles for different rooms in your house, transforming the way each room looks and feels as you walk into it.

Safety matters

No matter what window you choose, you do want it to be secure. While we hope your home is never invaded by a burglar, it is better to be safe than sorry. Stronger glass is a necessity, so you may want to consider Hammerglass. It is allegedly 300 times more stronger than normal glass, and is apparently unbreakable. Window locks are important too, and you don’t want something an intrepid burglar can easily crowbar into. From Quadrant latch fasteners to Claw fasteners, here is a handy guide to sash window furniture, with a range of locking options that will both complement your window design and boost your home security.

A touch of glass

Going away from traditional glazing, you might choose frosted or stained glass as alternatives. Obscure glass is another nice option, being both durable and attractive to the eye. Furthermore, it restricts the peeping eyes of prying neighbours. Still, it’s not all about the aesthetics. Practically speaking, you might go for self-cleaning glass, that will eliminate the time you spend with a bucket of soapy water trying to scrub them clean. Sounds like magic? Read this handy guide to see how self-cleaning glass works. You also want something sound-proof, blocking out the noise of the traffic and goings-on outside, so double or triple-glazed windows are a must. They are also energy-efficient, so you will save on your utility bills while upping the value of your property.

The window to your soul

As with anything in your home, the humble window is down to your personal choice. Choose something that reflects your personality, or the look you are trying to convey. Aside from aesthetics, remember light and warmth, and choose something that fits the style of your home, from frames to window panes. They say the eyes are the window to your soul, so let your windows be the eyes to the soul of your home. Thanks for reading.

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