The Art Of Packing For Every Eventuality

If you’re about to hotfoot out of the country and embark on your latest vacation, you might be wondering what to pack. It doesn’t matter whether you’re heading to sunnier climes or whether you’re venturing into a country in the midst of a monsoon season, you need to try and pack for every eventuality. This is easier said than done. You don’t want to be the woman who envisaged nothing but trekking through a jungle for a fortnight only to find yourself in a swanky restaurant wearing your hiking boots and some waterproofs. Packing is an art form; here’s how to master it.


You have to make sure that you have clothing that resembles at least something a little bit formal. While you might not want to pack a trouser suit when you’re heading to a Balearic for a fortnight, you don’t just want to be packing shorts and t-shirts. Think outside the box a little and consider a more on-trend sundress fashion style that you can accessorise up for dinner in the evenings or pair down for chilling in the heat of the day when lounging by the poolside. Thinner flowy dresses are easy to pack because they take up minimal room and you can pack two or three of them without weighing your luggage down.


A necklace here or a clutch bag there will dress up any outfit. You don’t always have to pack more clothes, you simply have to know how to wear them. If you’ve got a tailored pair of skinny jeans, pairing these with kitten heels or flat pumps will alter the look you’re going for. Make sure that you aim to pack a holiday capsule wardrobe. By ensuring you have pieces that you can pair together, you can minimise the space you take up in your holdall or suitcase. Roll instead of fold, and you could be even more economical with your baggage allowance.

Climate Considerations

If you’re venturing into the Alps or the Rockies for a couple of weeks skiing, you must pack according to the climate. You need to be comfortable and not pack form over function. Sure, that little black dress is stunning, but is it going to help you off-piste? Think layers and pack body tops, thin fleeces and a windproof and waterproof coat. You need to be warm in these sorts of environments. With a whole host of different ski attire ranges, you can still show off your fashion credentials.


Don’t forget to pack those essentials that aren’t clothing. If you need a particular moisturiser or cleanser to ensure your skin doesn’t go flaky, sensitive or dry, make sure you pack it. You need to maintain your skincare and beauty regime even when you’re off on your travels so consider packing creams and lotions into well-sealed containers and ensure that they are away from your clothes. You don’t want to land at your destination to find a leakage or spillage has ruined your favourite top.

Booking your vacation is the easy part, it’s knowing what to pack that can be tricky. Follow this advice and ensure that you become a little more adept at mastering the art of packing.

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