Rediscovering Porto’s Many Charms: Porto’s Downtown Part I

Since moving back to Porto (my hometown) a couple of year ago I couldn’t help but notice how much it had changed. The city looks refreshed, full of atmosphere and buzzing with tourists most of the year. It is indeed a great city to live in and the perfect city break/holiday destination (you definitely need to include it in your travel bucket list if you haven’t already).

Porto is now our home and as such as much as we love it, it’s easy to take it for granted. We go on about our daily life and routines and end up forgetting how amazing it is and how much it has to offer.

Rushing around to get from A to B is definitely not the best way to notice and soak in your surrounding but now my children are both at school I finally have the time to do it. Taking my time walking around it’s great and has really helped me rediscover my beloved Porto.

In this new series of posts I am hoping to take you on a tour of some of my favourite places in Porto. At this point I should add a little disclaimer. These posts will not be travel guides nor will they show you all of the tourist attraction. Instead I will try to show you Porto through my lense little by little. I will also, whenever i feel appropriate, share some of the memories I have of those places. Don’t worry I will try very hard not to bore you to death with my trips down memory lane!

Are you ready? Just sit back, get a cup or glass of something delicious and let me take you around…

Porto’s Downtown – Part I

Ribeira square - Porto, Portugal
Ribeira square
Ribeira - Porto, Portugal
Ribeira and Douro River
Ribeira colourful and traditional houses - Porto, Portugal
Ribeira’s colourful and traditional houses built on a hill overlooking the river
Ribeira colourful and traditional houses - Porto, Portugal
Ribeira’s colourful and traditional houses

Ribeira is a beautiful place to visit during the day. It’s bursting with atmosphere and lots of bars, cafes and restaurants serving traditional Portuguese food and fish. When the sun goes down it’s even better. When I was younger I spent many nights here having a fabulous time eating and drinking with my friends until the wee hours of the morning. You can expect bars and clubs to be open until around 4am and some even all night! If only I still had the stamina…

Ponte D Luis I - Porto, Portugal
Ponte D Luis I
View of Ribeira from Ponte D. Luis I - Porto, Portugal
View of Ribeira from Ponte D. Luis I
View of Porto and Douro River from Gaia - Porto, Portugal
View of Porto and Douro River from Gaia


Santo António dos Congregados Church - Porto, Portugal
Santo António dos Congregados Church
Estação São Bento - Porto, Portugal
Estação São Bento
Rua das Flores - Porto, Portugal
Rua das Flores

Tiles, tiles and more tiles everywhere. I just adore it. It confers the buildings such exquisite beauty!

And there you have it! What do you think? Definitely a must visit right? Don’t forget to check back soon for the next instalment of ‘Rediscovering Porto’s many charms’.

Love, P


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  1. What a stunning city it must be wonderful to live there. I know what you mean about taking things for granted though. Those tiles look like Delft Blue is there a Dutch link? Thank you for linking up to #PointShoot

  2. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing these glimpses into your hometown. I feel the same about my town – it’s so historic and beautiful but I don’t spend much time enjoying it! Maybe I’ll take some time in the warmer seasons and get out and enjoy my city.

  3. We loved our visit to Porto although it must be ten years ago now. Such a beautiful and quirky little city, which you’ve really captured. We really enjoyed the food and doing some port tours. You’ve made me want omcome back with our daughter soon. #StayClassyMama

  4. Wow! It looks stunning! I think its so easy to forget how lovely the place you live in is as you just take it for granted, I’ve found myself taking my time much more since having my daughter as she is seeing things for the first time and it makes me think about them more and look again at how much there is to be grateful for around me! #stayclassymama

  5. What an amazing place to call home, it looks like dream. So different to Melbourne, Melbourne is beautiful, but wow, this is stunning! #stayclassymama

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