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Christmas is around the corner (I know I keep saying it but it’s true – panic!) and I’m still struggling to find the perfect gift for both my mother and mother in law. They sure are hard women to buy for and I certainly don’t want to give them something that will be pushed to the back of the cupboard and forgotten about.

The thing is both my mother and mother in law are very special to me so I want to make sure I give them a gift that makes them feel just that – SPECIAL!

I have recently come across David Nieperan English family business, that pride themselves on designing and producing all their clothes in the UK.

All of our collections are proudly Made in Britain, designed, manufactured and hand-finished right here in Derbyshire.

David Nieper designs and produces some gorgeous items of clothing that I’m sure my mother and mother in law will love. The problem I’m having is choosing which they will love the most so I have put together a little edit of my favourite pieces hoping maybe you could lend me a helping hand.

David Nieper – The Edit


Who doesn’t like to feel all snuggly in a super soft and warm jumper? David Nieper has some great jumper choices made from the softest of materials. Here are my favourite (click image for details)


Nothing screams femininity more than a lovely dress. Definitely something special that I don’t think either of them would buy as a treat and is sure to make them feel extra beautiful and special. (click image for details)


Coats are a perfect gift this time of the year and sure to be a big hit. I love these two colourful and cozy options. Also the shape of both of these is super flattering and sure to look great on. (click image for details)

Can you see my predicament? How am I suppose to choose one gift each? I love them all.

Which is your favourite? Please let me know in the comments below.

Love, P



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  1. Patricia, I agree. Getting gifts for the parents is so hard! They can buy anything they want and already have a house full of things. So, I like your idea of gifting clothes. How many sweaters do they own? And if you buy them a dress will they have an occasion to wear it for? I like the idea of the coat best personally! And depending on which colors they wear most, I wpuld choose accordingly. Great post!

  2. I have a bit of a thing about coats – hubby has 1 coat that he wears everyday – I have a different one to match each outfit! Haha. Pink is my favourite colour so I’m definitely drawn to the fuschia wool coat! #stayclassymama

  3. I think you are brave for buying clothes – though all these items are beautiful! My fave is the charcoal sweater (jumper?) in the first photo. I also love both the coats, but I have such a hard time fitting things to my figure that I would never dream of buying clothes for other people! I hope you find something they love. 🙂

  4. It is really hard choosing for my mother in law, she lives in tropical North Queensland though so she never needs coast or jumpers #stayclassymama

  5. I really struggle picking for my mum and for his mum. They are so hard to buy for! This is a lovely selection of clothes. I think the jumpers are always a good choice x

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