White Camellias Loves… Blue Coffee Box Review + Discount Code

My addiction love of coffee is no secret. In fact I believe it’s probably a well known fact about me so when the lovely people over at Blue Coffee Box asked if I would like to review their luxury coffee subscription I excitedly answered ‘YES, PLEASE!’ How could have I refused right? The coffee machine is my first stop every morning and I can barely string two words together before I have my first coffee. Not any coffee will do either (instant coffee I’m looking right at you). I may not be a coffee connoisseur but I sure am a coffee snob and I love the good stuff.

Anyway, I digress!

About Blue Coffee Box

Jon and Harvey (father and son) started the Blue Coffee Box subscription for specialty coffee lovers earlier this year (2017).

For coffee lovers, a Blue Coffee Box subscription is a veritable world tour of speciality coffee. Members tell us their preferences and our Coffee Concierges choose the best coffees from over 17 countries.

When you order their coffee boxes you are asked a set of questions such as how would you like your coffee ground and what kind of roast you prefer to ensure you get the perfect selection of coffees for you.A monthly box is enough for approximately 6 cups of coffee a week. Membership costs from £7.99 per month (or less for 3, 6 or 12-month advanced payment) and members are able to cancel, pause, skip or upgrade any time.

My thoughts on Blue Coffee Box

I have to start by saying that the packaging is beautiful and I love it that the box fits in the letter box (huge bonus as far as I’m concerned). I also loved the tasting notes and information of the origin and farm where the coffee is produced that were included with the coffee. A really lovely touch.

As I said before I’m a bit of a coffee snob and over the years I have found (through trial and error) my favourite coffee brands so I have to admit I was a little skeptical when I receive my Blue Coffee Box because I wasn’t sure if it’s coffee flavour and quality would really surpass my old favourites but I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised.

I found their coffee was very interesting and I could definitely tell the difference between all three coffees included in the box. Even though their flavours were very distinct they all shared an amazing smoothness which I absolutely loved.

Would I go back for more? I sure would. Would I recommend it? Absolutely.

Get £5 Off your first order at Blue Coffee Box by using the code ‘ WC518 ‘ at the checkout!

Love, P


*I was sent a Blue Coffee Box to review. All thoughts are my own.

**Offer valid in UK only**

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  1. I agree – can’t function without coffee and really appreciate the good stuff. Used to be such a coffee snob I wouldn’t drink instant – until I became a mother and started attending baby groups where tha was the only hot drink on offer. Tastes like mud though. #stayclassymama

  2. In Melbourne we are well known as coffee snobs, I think it is because we had a lot of Italian immigrants come after the 2nd world war and amazing coffee shops took off around Melbourne. I love my coffee too! #StayClassyMama

  3. Omg. I’ve been so ill with norovirus for like a week, so I haven’t had a cup of coffee in what feels like FOREVER! I think I miss coffee more than if I’d lost an arm… maybe a finger… #stayclassymama

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