Simple Tips for Great Beach Photography

As you know I absolutely love taking photos at the beach. I find it such an amazing place full of energy and beauty and I feel truly inspired by it. Of course the kids love it too and capturing them having fun and exploring the beach is truly amazing.

So if you are heading to the beach before the Summer holidays are over (or indeed any other time of the year) don’t forget to take your camera and have fun capturing all it’s beauty and of course making and capturing memories.

Before I head off to my last family Summer holiday of the year I wanted to share with you some of my beach photography tips to help you capture some great moments when you are at the beach!

Simple Tips for Great Beach Photography


I love shooting at the beach when the tide is low because I’m able to capture some great reflections on the wet sand and rock puddles. Once you notice the reflections position yourself so that a) you are not casting a shadow over an otherwise beautiful shot and b) you are able to explore composition options.


Point of Interest

Beache are normally huge spaces with not very many points of interest. It is easy to get immersed in the beauty and vastness of the sea and the beautiful scenery and end up with hundreds of photos that look the same (been there done that!) so the best way to add interest to your beach photos is to find a point of interest (focal point). This can be a person (often for me my children), a boat, a pier, sandcastles, beach toys, surfboard…. anything you fancy really. Including a point of interest in your photos will give the viewer a place to rest his eyes and it will help give your photo meaning.

Time of day

Ok so we all know that sunrises and sunsets at the beach are pretty spectacular and make for some stunning photos. The light is just stunning and very dramatic. If you are shooting at sunset I would recommend setting your exposure for the sky for that you get some lovely dark silhouettes and don’t over expose the beautiful sky making it too light and therefore a whole lot less dramatic.

Of course the light is best at those particular moments of the day but don’t let it dictate when you take photos. I take photos at the beach throughout the day. Just be aware that when the sun is high the changes for harsh shadows on peoples faces is very high.

Beach photography - sunset

Beach photography - sunset

Look for Fun and Interesting Details

Don’t just photograph sea, sand and sky! Look closely. The beach is full of interesting things: shells, pebbles, seaweed, footprints, seagulls…. Make sure you fill the frame when you photograph these for full impact otherwise they will just get lost in the immensity of the beach.


beach photography - seagul

Whatever the weather

Don’t be put off by less than perfect weather. Sometimes those are the best days to shoot at the beach. Just think moody skies and mysterious fog. Also, there will be less people around so easier to avoid any photo bombers from jumping into your shot!

Beach photography - moody sky

Black & White

It’s worth experimenting with black & white particularly with photos taken on an overcast day or when you find some interesting patterns. Also it will dramatically change the mood of your photo and it may help tell the story better.

Beach photography - black & white


I really hope you found this post interesting and helpful. For more photographs and photography tips head over to my photography section.

Love, P

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  1. Oooh so many great tips here! We live quite a long way from a beach, but I had lots of fun snapping some beach shots when we were on holiday recently! I love your close up photo of the crab – brilliant! #stayclassymama

  2. I love finding realistic tips for my photography. My favourite part about this post is you don’t use any technical jargon. I know how to work the settings of my camera, but sometimes my focus gets lost when I can’t capture what I see. The tip about the dark silhouettes for a sunset is a great one. It really helps capture the beauty of the sky.
    PS – You should edit a photo to be “long” for a great Pinterest pin!

  3. These photographs are beautiful and I am trying to get into photography a bit more so I have saved this post in my favourites! Thank you so much for your amazing advice, and I will be sure to tag you if I ever get any good shots #stayclassymama

  4. I love the reflection tip and your photos. I always forget about reflections in photos full stop and end up with accidental ‘interesting details’ in my pictures! #StayClassyMama

  5. This has been really helpful thank you. I need to learn more about exposure and the setting on my camera! x

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