Why I Always Carry my DSLR and Equipment With me When Flying and you Should too

We have family scattered all over the world and as a result my family and I spend a lot of time travelling forward and back on planes. We love travelling and thrive on experiencing and exploring the countries we travel to and their culture. I of course also thrive on capturing it all with my beloved DSLR!

As a photographer that is also a mother of two small children I always struggle to decide what camera equipment I really want/need to take with me when we travel.  I want the perfect lens to capture the perfect laugh, the perfect sunset, the perfect action, the perfect reaction as well as the best bag for keeping my camera safe. That has, of course, to be partnered with my own big bag full of snacks, kids entertainment and a change of clothes – just in case. Not so easy, eh?

Afurada- fishing boats
Afurada, Porto – Fishing Boats

As challenging as it can be to carry around the extra luggage – particularly when I fly on my own with the kids – I always make sure I take my camera with me of the plane because it:

  • Minimises the chances of it being lost or stolen. How many times have you had a checked in bag go missing? It has happened to us a couple of times. Granted they were returned to us either later that day or after a couple of days but still. Now imagine your expensive camera was in that bag? I would certainly freak out!
  • Minimises the chances of it being damaged. Let’s be honest have you ever seen how airport staff handles luggage? It’s not gentle or careful. They normally just throw bags on top of bags as quickly as they can. There is no way I would ever have my expensive camera and accessories handled that way. Carrying my DSLR and equipment with me I can make sure it’s looked after and stored appropriately.
Algarve - Albufeira Beach, Portugal
Albufeira, Algarve

All airlines have their own policies on how much, how big and how heavy your hand luggage is allowed to be so please check with them before you travel so you don’t run the risk of having to check in your beloved and very precious camera and equipment.

I love the camera cases from The Case Farm because their size is perfect for carry on luggage and the padded dividers allow you to pack your DSLR and equipment snuggly and safely inside without worrying about it knocking against one another. The highly protective case also means you won’t have to worry about anyone damaging it when they store their hand luggage in the same over head compartment. Total piece of mind.

Girl jumping in rock pool

Hope you found this post useful. Safe travels and happy shooting!

Love, P

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Keep your camera and equipment safe while travelling abroad

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  1. I’ll admit, I’d love a DSLR and the knowledge to do it justice! Instead I have an ancient digital camera, I think it was possibly the first one ever invented haha. Your pictures are beautiful, good luck with the nomination, thoroughly deserved! #StayClassyMama

  2. Great tips here and as always your photos are so beautiful. Congrats on being a finalist in the photo category of the Bib’s – you’ve def got my vote. I’ll be there as astoundingly S.H.I.T. has made it as a finalist for the Fresh Voice so I’d love to meet you there. Good luck x #stayclassymama

  3. Your photos are fab and it’s easy to see why you are a finalist in the photography category! My photos are generally taken on my (very cheap) phone or I break out my (very old) point-and-shoot digital camera for special occasions. However, I love taking photographs and I am saving up to get myself some proper equipment so here’s hoping… #stayclassymama

  4. Love this! Congratulations! My fav part of this post, describing travel as ‘forward and back’ – love it!

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