Exciting Summer Activities the Whole Family Can Get Involved in

Summer break will soon be upon us, and although our children may be excited by a long break from the classroom and homework, us parents may be worried about how to keep them entertained for so long. Don’t approach these weeks with dread – instead use them as bonding time for the whole family.

There are plenty of activities and new things to do and see this summer, none of which need to break the bank…

Mastering the Board

Having fun at the beach

There’s no better time of year to get out of the house and explore the great outdoors, wherever you may live. If the coast is within driving distance, it’s the perfect opportunity to learn to surf! Fearless children will relish the chance to get out in the water and hit the waves. Most beaches will have family-friendly surfing courses on offer to ease you in gently and help you learn the ropes.

National Geographic has a great top 10 list of family-friendly beaches to test out.  

Not a fan of the sea? You don’t have to limit yourself to soaking up the rays or reading on the beach; why not give longboarding a try? Longboarding is the on-shore alternative to surfing and can prove to be easier to pick up for the less coordinated among us! Longboards are essentially larger skateboards with bigger wheels and a sturdier base allowing greater traction and stability. Groom and Style has a comprehensive list of longboards that have been reviewed.

Going Walkabout

Enjoying some time exploring the great outdoors

If staying on two feet rather than four wheels sounds more up your street, there are plenty of walking routes to explore this summer, and best of all they can be right on your doorstep! Take the time during the holiday to venture out into your local area and you might be surprised what you discover. Coastal walks are always spectacular, and your children will love the fresh sea air and the great views at this time of year.

For those with adventurous children, get them to plan a family hike. Either take a packed lunch or use this as an opportunity to prepare a picnic and get them to lead the way around some beautiful natural landscapes. Of course, you aren’t limited to just walking – a family bike ride can be ideal for those who want to explore further afield. Just make sure you plan your route beforehand so those with smaller legs can get back without being too tired.

Food.com has some great picnic recipes to please even the pickiest of eaters!

A Growing Interest

flying kites

If you’re more of a domestic king or queen and would prefer not to venture too far this summer, don’t worry, there are plenty of family-friendly activities to do at home. If you have a garden then it’s time to get your kids green fingered. Gardens always look their best in summer and you can use this as inspiration to get a vegetable patch on the go.

Get your children involved in the planting, picking and preparation of this home-grown natural feast. Your children will relish the chance to take responsibility for their own food, and you can begin with easy to grow tomatoes, herbs and chillies. What can be better than teaching them life skills and getting some healthy fruit and veg in their diets?

Your garden space can also be used for some light activities like kite flying, soccer and garden games. These are great fall-back ideas for when a big day trip seems too daunting or you just need to keep the kids entertained for a short period.

It’s BBQ Time

burgers bbq

Summer wouldn’t be complete without breaking out the BBQ, getting some friends and relatives round and enjoying a homemade family feast. Nothing brings people together like food and sunshine and it’s a great excuse to test out your grilling skills. Your children can also help prepare a delicious salad to go with the plethora of meat on offer.

Alternatively, the veggies among us can join in with some delicious black bean burgers. Ree Drummond (The Pioneer Woman) has a great recipe that is easy to make and looks heavenly…

Bad Weather Entertainment

Children painting

If the weather really isn’t playing ball and outdoor activities are off the cards, never fear, there are plenty of fun activities you can organise indoors. Keep the kids away from the TV and their tablets and organize a family quiz or play a board game.

For the foodies amongst your brood, why not try your hand at making some homemade popsicles? They’re surprisingly simple to make and a great healthy alternative to store bought ice cream! This recipe from Martha Stewart for strawberry lemonade pops comes with a handy how-to video.

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Exciting Summer Activities for the Whole Family


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  1. As always lots of lovely ideas, we are masters of UK holidays as OB type 1 we are a little scared of going abroad. We love the garden as you know from the blog and the boys go crazy as I try and make it look nice.And we love cooking together (I say love, I love the idea not the mess) #stayclassymama

  2. I love your pics! We haven’t hit the stage where Summer provides a break from anything yet, but it certainly feels great to be getting out more! Love a good BBQ! #stayclassymama

  3. These are all great ideas! We actually spent some time flying a kite earlier this spring and it was a ton of fun! We also have some great waterfront here and the girls love just walking and exploring – it’s great for potential photos too!

  4. Apologies if this went twice. I had a comment all written out and it just disappeared! (Feel free to delete this one if the other one posted!)

    This is a great post! I recently flew a kite with the kids and it was amazingly fun. We have a lot of waterfront here and the kids love walking and exploring. Plus it can make for some good photography!

  5. There’s no denying it, getting outside and the longer summer days just make family entertainment (and post bedtime evenings to yourself) that little bit easier. #StayClassyMama

  6. Great ideas, I love things that we can all throw ourselves into 🙂 #stayclassymama

  7. Love these. I wrote a post in January about how to keep kids cool in the summer heat too, if you’re interested. Summer in Africa and summer in the UK are very different, but sun care and funtimes are the same. Enjoy!

  8. I love that you included rainy day ideas – this is so necessary for the UK! We’ve got another five weeks until the summer holidays, I’m trying to plan ahead!! #stayclassymama

  9. Bad weather entertainment is a must I totally agree!! I’m a teacher and I love the holidays with the kids, it couldn’t be better, I just hate going back to work!!!!! I think I’m actually just a big kid really!! #stayclassymama

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