Celebrating 1 Year of #WorldOfLittles

Here we are. 1 full year of #WorldOfLittles! I can’t quite believe how fast that year flew by and more importantly what an amazing community it has become. #WorldOfLittles is packed with amazing photos and I love nothing more than to look through them every day.

Thank you all that believed in this little project and helped me realise my vision. It has been an amazing journey for me. If you haven’t joined in with #WorldOfLittles yet you can do so by using the hashtag every time you post a photo of your littles on Instagram.

To celebrate 1 year of #WorldOfLittles I decided to put together a retrospective of last year’s round ups. I hope you enjoy looking through them all.

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For details of each round up you can read the individual posts here.

Once again thank you for making #WorldOfLittles such a gorgeous community and I hope you enjoyed looking back over last year of round ups.

Love, P

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