The Most Important Step in my Beauty Routine

I should start this post with a confession. I’m a bit lazy as far as my beauty routine is concerned! There I said it. Please don’t judge it’s just that after a long day running around attending to my kids every need I’m tired and sometimes the last thing I want to do before I crawl into bed is clean my face. But I do. I religiously clean my face in the morning and in the evening to remove impurities and make up and this is for me the most important step in my beauty routine.

I believe amazing skin gives you a great foundation to start from and if your complexion is in top condition then your makeup will, by default, look good too. Now, I keep my skin cleansing regime pretty simple and quick by using a great micellar water that will, in a simple step, cleanse impurities, make up and leave my skin feeling fresh and hydrated.

I have been using Skintifique’s Cleanser P for the past 3 weeks and I have totally fallen in love with it.

micellar water ideal for reactive and very sensitive skin review skintifique


Who are Skintifique?

Skintifique is a new and innovative dermatological laboratory that is invested in providing effective  comfort and relief to people who suffer from demanding, sensitive or affected by eczema, psoriasis and other aggravating skin conditions.

Their products are 100% pure and non-allergenic.

What is Cleanser P?

Cleanser P is a mild hypoallergenic facial cleanser (micellar water) that contains only 5 ingredients.  Yes, you read it right? Normally the ingredients list on some of the natural and non-allergenic micellar waters goes on and on and on and mostly we have no idea what they are. With Cleanser P that’s not the case. It really only has 5 ingredients to ensure deep cleansing whilst being kind to the skin. It comprises pure demineralised water and gentle surfactants. “… it is ideal for anyone with sensitive or reactive skin and who wants to reduce their exposure to pollutants and impurities.

Skintifique claims that Cleanser P is the first in the world to remove traces of metals such as Nickel, Chromium and Cobalt.

My experience…

As I said above I have been using Cleanser P for around 3 weeks now. I use it in the morning (after washing my face) and in the evening to remove make up and the impurities.

The first thing I notice about Cleanser P was that it has no smell at all. I like that a lot! I’m sure you would agree there is nothing worse than lots of different product smells lingering. Immediately after cleansing my face, my skin is left feeling soft and fresh.

I don’t wear a lot of make up normally and so I found that Cleanser P removed my make up effectively after using a couple of cotton pads however, after attending an event where I did apply more make up including eyeliner I found that it took a few more cotton pads to remove my make up. Saying that, normally my eyes sting after I remove my eye make up with a regular eye make remover but it was not the case at all when I used Cleanser P which for me was a great plus.

Immediately after cleansing my face with Cleanser P, my skin is left feeling soft and fresh.

Overall I’m really enjoying using Cleanser P. My skin is extremely sensitive and I have noticed that since I started using Cleanser P my skin appears less red and irritated. So if like me you have very sensitive skin I would recommend you give it a try.

Cleanser P retails at £12.07 and you can purchase it from Skintifique’s website.

Love, P


**Disclamer: I have received 1 bottle of Cleanser P to review. All words and opinions remain my own. This post contains affiliate links**

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