Living Arrows 11/52

Toilet Training Success

This week it’s all about celebrating my gorgeous daughter’s achievements. She has gone from having no interest in going to the potty whatsoever to being nappy free in 3 days and it all happened last week!

I’m so very proud of her but at the same time I can’t help but feel a little sad too. Now that nappies are no more in our household we officially have no babies. Even her big brother doesn’t think of her as his baby sister anymore and if any of his friends refers to her as a baby he is quick to correct them and say ‘she is not a baby. She is my little sister and she is a big girls now.’ So sweet.

Toilet Training Success


  1. This is such a lovely photo – I love the hat! Toby was the same with potty training – he had no interest at all but once he’d decided to do it he was completely nappy (and accident free) in a few days. #LivingArrows

    1. They can be really sweet sometimes 😉 Don’t be worried about it I’m sure it will go smoothy. I think once they are ready it’s quite easy really. Thank you for reading and your lovely comment x

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