Living Arrows 10/52

You can definitely see the first signs of Spring’s eminent arrival everywhere. The air is warmer, the birds sing louder and the nature is starting to great us with some beautiful flowers and vibrant colours.

This week’s photos were taken at the city park on Saturday morning after our weekly visit to the farmer’s market. The children had fun climbing on trees, collecting lots and lots of sticks and flower petals and of course fending off dragons!

We were of course all mucky by the time we got home but I suppose that’s half the fun.

Love, P

Here are last week’s Living Arrows in case you missed it.


Living Arrows

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  1. You’re right, spring is definitely on it’s way. We’ve got our first daffodil in flower in the garden, with lots more not far behind. I love all the flowers of spring, it really brightens everything up! #LivingArrows

  2. That’s quite an impressive stick collection, my daughter would be so jealous, she likes a good stick! And coming home grubby is a sign that you all had a really good time! x #LivingArrows

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