Living Arrows 6/52

You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth. Kahlil Gibran

Last week was quite a challenging week for me. My husband was away on business, the weather was awful and the kids were totally insane so I thought this photo of my two little monkeys having a little fight on the lift was very fitting for this week’s Living Arrows post.

At the time I was really struggling not to burst but when I look at this photo now, I find it very funny. They were just being so pathetic!

The argument went something like this:

Boy: ‘ Do you want a cuddle?’


Boy: ‘But I want to give you one.’ (laughing as he knew he was starting to piss his little sister off)

Girl: ‘ NO, NO, NO, I HAVE HAD ENOUGH. ENOUGH!’ (she said pushing him away)

Both look up at me and start shouting: ‘MUMMY HE/SHE IS PUSHING ME!!!!’

Bloody ridiculous right? So I followed my own advice and took a photo.

It’s not a beautiful photo but then again life is not always beautiful and sweet so this is my not so sweet photo that to me perfectly represents the feel of last week!

Love, P

Living Arrows
Little Hearts, Big Love

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  1. Always amazes me, the silly things children argue about. N is going through a very indignant phase. It makes me laugh a lot which doesn’t go down well! #livingarrows

  2. This made me laugh, We have so many moments like this. She can definitely hold her own – and when you don’t want a cuddle you just don’t want a cuddle x

  3. This has really made me laugh today, mainly because it just sounded so familiar! My 2 were arguing in their bunk beds last night because Nerys wouldn’t say “I love you” to Rhys. x #LivingArrows

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