Week 37 #WorldOfLittles Round Up

Welcome to #WorldOfLittles week 37 round up. The last one of 2016!!!!! Thank you all that have joined so far for making #WorldOfLittles such a beautiful, supportive and welcoming community. Last week we hit 30K tagged photos and I couldn’t be happier to see how much this community has grown so far. #WorldOfLittles is packed with amazing photos and I love nothing more than to look through them every day. If you haven’t had a look around the gallery come on over. You won’t be disappointed.

For anyone new #WorldOfLittles is an Instagram community that I created due to my love of photography to celebrate childhood and share photos of our littles ones. Each week I will pick 2 of my favourite photos from my Instagram feed and 4 of my favourite photos from the community to feature here and on Instagram.

I will also be featuring an image from the gallery every Tuesday and Thursday (instagram only) in addition to the weekly round up. Everyone is welcome to join, you don’t have to be a blogger or have a fancy camera. Your camera phone is fine.

Happy New Year everyone!

Favourite from my feed

Featured Photos


You can’t beat a good swing on the tree but then add a gorgeous sunset and a moody sky and you have a very beautiful photo. Love it!


What a lovely little hideaway!


Kids and swings really is a  match made in heaven. So much joy!


What a gorgeous sunset! Love the way little man looks so determined.

I hope you check out all these amazing Instagram feeds and give them a follow!

I would love you to join our community. All you need to do is to please follow @whitecamellias and use the hashtag every time you upload a picture of your lovely children to Instagram. And remember, you don’t have to be a blogger to join in. Everyone is welcome!

Here is last week’s #WorldOfLittles Round Up in case you missed it. See you next week for another #WorldOfLittles round up.

Love, P

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