Living Arrows 50/52

You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth. Kahlil Gibran



This week started with a surprise visit from Teta and Auntie I. The kids were ecstatic and had a great time. We were out playing on the beach, park and generally having lots of fun.

Then sickness hit (mainly me) and we spent the rest of the week indoors. Of course the kids still had lots of fun. Some of the highlights were taking turns riding doggy, sticking Christmas stickers all over the floor and rearranging the Christmas tree!

Love, P

Living Arrows

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  1. You’re making me want to create a whole load of black and white photos! All of these look gorgeous! Sorry to hear you’ve been unwell, sickness bugs are just miserable. Hope you’re all feeling better. x #LivingArrows

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