Week 33 #WorldOfLittles Round Up

Welcome to #WorldOfLittles week 33 round up. Thank you all that have joined so far for making #WorldOfLittles such a beautiful, supportive and welcoming community. #WorldOfLittles is packed with amazing photos and I love nothing more than to look through them every day. If you haven’t had a look around the gallery come on over. You won’t be disappointed.

I spend many hours each week looking through the gallery and selecting the photos I want to feature. It is very hard work most weeks I end up with various selections before finally making my mind up. This week has been particularly hard to choose just 4 photos and I wasn’t able to feature many I really loved. So, I have decided to do a feature post (on instagram only) twice a week. Starting next week I will be featuring an image from the gallery every Tuesday and Thursday in addition to the weekly round up.

For anyone new #WorldOfLittles is an Instagram community that I created due to my love of photography to celebrate childhood and share photos of our littles ones. Each week I will pick 2 of my favourite photos from my Instagram feed and 4 of my favourite photos from the community to feature here and on Instagram. Everyone is welcome to join, you don’t have to be a blogger or have a fancy camera. Your camera phone is fine.

Favourite from my feed

Featured Photos


As you know I’m slightly obsessed about light so it will come as no surprise to you that I have chosen to feature this gorgeous photo. I love the sense of mystery and excitement it transmits.


This photo completely takes me back to when my sister and I were this age. It’s beautiful and I can’t help but wonder about what she is whispering in her ear.

Completely caught in the moment! I often believe the simplest of things can also be the most beautiful and I think this photo proves it.


I love how intense the colours are in this photo, the winding road and the way the yellow jacket contrasts beautifully with it all.

I hope you check out all these amazing Instagram feeds and give them a follow!

I would love you to join our community. All you need to do is to please follow @whitecamellias and use the hashtag every time you upload a picture of your lovely children to Instagram. And remember, you don’t have to be a blogger to join in. Everyone is welcome!

Here is last week’s #WorldOfLittles Round Up in case you missed it. See you next week for another #WorldOfLittles round up.

Love, P

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  1. Thank you White Camelias <3 It was foggy and cold that day, we were in a park which is situated on a steep hill. It was cloudy but the sun came out at some point at the top, whereas we were down at the very bottom. It was so incredible we had to climb up and we chased it. The atmosphere was incredible….we really enjoyed it!

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