Christmas Gift Guide – Boys & Girls

I have some great Christmas memories from when I was a child. Most of them involve food but also decorating the tree with my mother and sister (always on the 1st weekend of December), midnight mass, lots of time spent with my cousins and of course the presents. Which child doesn’t love getting presents?

I remember getting those huge store catalogues and writing very long letters to santa where I would not only write the gift I would like to get but also the number references for each one of them. I suppose I wanted to make sure Santa didn’t have too much trouble finding my gifts! (I know right. You can laugh. I’m laughing myself as I write this).

I have put together some of my favourite gifts for boys and girls to help you find the most creative, unexpected, and just plain cool gifts for your kids.


1. Acorn & Pip

I wrote a full feature on Acorn & Pip a few months ago so if you haven’t had a chance to read it please take a look. You will love it.

In a nutshell, Acorn & Pip delivers a refreshing range of products for children, mums and the home through hand chosen, carefully curated and ethically sourced products, .Using organic, quality fabrics and materials, the products have been mindfully chosen to include clothes, accessories and a range of toys and home décor.

I love this Gardner and the Gang Harlequin long sleeve t~shirt. It’s made of 100% organic cotton interlock, comfortable and super soft to the touch. This top will make any little girl look super cool. I can imagine my daughter wearing it in lots of different combinations: with jeans, dungarees, leggings, skirts and shorts.

And what about this Road Tape? Isn’t that just the coolest most creative toy you have ever seen? It works just like masking tape and can be used in any flat surface which means entertainment anywhere. Kids can use it on the floor or even on a restaurant table and when they are finished just peel it off. It won’t leave any residue either! My 4 year old son would definitely love this.

To buy these and browse their other amazing products please head over to Acorn & Pip’s website.

2. Jungle Jam Book


Jungle Jam is a lovely new children’s book aimed at children aged 0-5 years old and it aims to introduce children to different musical genres as well as various musical instruments from around the world.

Mikey the Monkey embarks on a musical adventure to find global fame, but discovers that he must work with others to make his dream into a reality.

The book is very easy to read and the bright colourful illustrations are really captivating. It comes with a little puzzle and fridge magnet too.

My daughter loves music and singing and I think she will love this book. You can buy this lovely book from Amazon.

3. Cotton Twist – Hearts and Rainbows bracelet making kit


Cotton Twist make activities & decorations from raw materials such as lolly sticks, craft matchboxes, twine and felt. Their products are carefully designed to spark learning & play in a fun & imaginative way and lovingly made by hand.

I particularly love this Hearts and Rainbows bracelet making kit. The kit contains enough beads to make 5 bracelets and it comes together with elastic with shoelace ends to help young children thread the beads.

My daughter is very creative and loves making things. More recently she has also started showing an interest in my jewellery and asking for her own! This would be perfect for her and any girl that like her loves jewellery and crafts.

You can buy this bracelet kit directly from Cotton Twist

4.  Technology Will Save Us – DIY Electro Dough Kit 


What a cool project this is. Technology will save us are on a mission to spark the creative imagination of young people using hands on technology. Their award winning make-it-yourself kits and digital tools help kids make, play, code and invent using technology.

This DIY Electro Dough Kit has caught my eye and it’s perfect for my curious, ingenious 4 year old son. With this kit, kids can create sculptures and scenes using home made dough or playdough and then bring them to life with light and sound. What a cool way to learn about how electricity works!

You can buy this fantastic kit from Technology will save us website.

5. The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home – Personalised Book


We love books in our house and a personalised book is just that little bit more special and individual.

The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home follows a curious little explorer from outer space right to their own front door. It’s a story about home. It includes a satellite view of their actual neighbourhood, and it’s so incredibly personalised that it can only belong to one child.

You can highly customise your book online. The book features a real, actual satellite image of the child’s house, it turns your child’s name into a beautiful constellation, you can choose from three different intrepid explorers, to match the child the book is for and you can write a customised dedication to your child to be printed at the beginning of the story.

That’s a pretty cool book to have if you ask me. My son will love it for sure. You can customise and purchase your copy form Lostmy.Name website.

Hope you liked my suggestions. Don’t forget to check out my Christmas Gift Guide – His & Hers for some more great gift ideas.

Love, P

*Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post. All view are my own.

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  1. Thanks so much for including our Cotton Twist bead tin in your collection – some super ideas here, been meaning to get that electro dough for ages!

  2. I’ve never seen anything like that DIY Electro Dough Kit, I’m really intrigued by it! My son’s been going to a ‘mad science’ club after school, so I think he would love something like this! x #TheList

  3. Both those books would be a hit in our house. I love the idea of customising a book. I have brought them so many books already, one more won’t hurt eh. I love he road tape too. I tried to make a road on or wood floors with masking tape, expect it wasn’t masking tape but double sided sticky tape.. yeah you can’t peel that stuff off. The next 2 hours was spent scrubbing, steaming and swearing… thanksfor joining us at #familyfun xx

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